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  1. To add my tuppenceworth to the debate, stones - water or oil - are the gold standard and yield the best results on balance. However, if you can find glaziers who replace broken shop (store) windows, they will, in the UK anyway, sell you small pieces of float glass. Spoken to persuasively, they will cut them and fire the edges. Automotive wet-and-dry abrasive sheet in varying grades can then be glued on and used to refine your edges. Easy to replace when worn and you can use them while you save up for the Japanese water stone you really want. BTW, lubricate with 3-in-1 oil, diluted with white s
  2. Anent the chair makers' rasp Charles Green mentioned, Alec Tiranti is a good source of artists' tools. The Milani rasps, while not as fine as Auriou, are - fine. I note a reference to Narex; they are a Czech company and make good full-size tools. Also, have a look at Robert Sorby's Micro tools. Not as micro as Model Dockyard's but high quality. druxey is on the money about careful use of rasps - great ply wreckers. My day job is woodcarving...
  3. Thank you all for your welcoming words. I shall lurk for a while until I find my sea legs.
  4. Hello: I am that new member. My chosen display name, Para Handy, might be a clue to one of my interests. Para Handy was a creation of author Neil Munro and was the likeable rogue skipper of a Clyde puffer. So, that’s what that’s about. I have built a few wood and even plastic ship models, but not for a while. Now that I have retired from my retirement occupation, I want to get back to marine modelling. I have a Caldercraft Northlight Clyde puffer, which I started a number of years ago. R/C and construction techniques and materials have moved on to a bewildering degree - I’m bewildered an
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