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  1. Thanks man. I appreciate the encouragement. I am glad I did the bulkhead fillers. Planking start tomorrow! I gotta be honest, im nervous.
  2. Thanks @drjeckl. Yes, I see what you mean. I will work on it some more. And yes, I have been testing the lay with a thin brass strip that work really well. I have another question. Would you recommend that I attach the keel assembly first, or plank it first? I'm thinking that with the LN at least, that I should plank first, but would like your opinions.
  3. Well I think I'm finally ready to start planking. I completed the filler blocks at bow and stern. I also tapered the entire false keel to about 1mm. Now to read up (again) on hull planking. How am I looking?
  4. You are spot on, Rick! I do see the curve. Thank you so much for catching that. I need to train my eyes better. It may not show in the photo very well, but it looks like the bend is between the 6th and 7th bulkhead. It's early enough in the build that I can fix is as you say. Thanks again for the catch, I really appreciate it Dennis
  5. Below are some shots of the frame. I tried to make it as square as I could. It looks pretty good to me, but what do you guys think. I also added the first balsa wood filler block. The others should go quicker. I decided to add the fillers first and then do the fairing. I have a couple of questions in that regard: Is it best to use balsa wood? Or should I be using something like basswood? Should I have done the fairing (or at least a rough fairing) before adding the filler block. My thinking was it's best to do the fairing with the filler block, but my concern is that the balsawood is so much
  6. Hi Folks This will be my first build log and also my first ship build. I chose the Lady Nelson because as @ccoyle mentions, "it has the "three nots" needed for beginners, i.e. not a lot of planking, not a lot of guns, and not a lot of rigging". I am new to woodworking as well so this will be quite a learning experience. I will appreciate any guidance you all can offer in regards to shipbuilding as well posting on this forum. I have put together the keel and bulkheads. I noticed that the bulkheads fitted loosely and also low, so I shimmed the bottom and one side with in
  7. Hi Brian, Good to know that there are some guys out here on the east side. Hopefully I'll get to meet up with them. Since you're in the valley, do you know any hobby stores that carry wooden ships?
  8. Thank you all for your suggestions and well wishes. I am excited to start building the LN and I will start a build log. It's a great community you all have here and I'm proud to be part of it.
  9. Hello all. I'm a 57 year old guy looking to get into wooden ship building. I live in Queen Creek, AZ, which is in the far southwest corner of the Phoenix metropolitan area (not a big ship building town, that Phoenix ). I have been been all over the internet looking for direction. So I'm very happy that I found this forum! I've built plastic models cars, planes, and a plastic ship years ago, although I never finished the rigging. I've also built an RC car. But I am definitely a beginner in wooden ship building. That said, I am very interested in learning planking (I have the book,
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