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  1. Here is my saw, as a WIP, and as it was setup for some work on the old (original) stand - I haven't tried it but I think this will take an 8" blade without mods.: I had two 10" Craftsman saws, both on one stand I built, and bolted together for "free extensions", I had extensions outside those two as well, and the fence guide setup for continuous use) - I never used it as this little guy was just handier to pull out for the ripping and finger joint work I was typically doing. So I sold that off and recovered the garage space. I also have an earlier Atlas built 8"
  2. Sorry if this is resurrecting an older thread - Not a member - I was just looking for info on the 4" Dremel, as I compared it to my 1936, Companion (Craftsman) Tilt table 7" T-saw. - Made by Central Specialty Division, a division of King Seeley for Sears, I have been doing finger jointing on it and other fine work for several years. The table is only about 11X14, and I just completed mounting it on an old school typing table (the type with retractable casters) to further reduce its footprint. The motor was mounted underneath, and uses a 4" door hinge for a gravity belt tensio
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