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  1. Another table top laser with 'CNC' incorrectly part of the description.. There is no CNC function for this machine. No power rating in the Amazon info, but searching the questions indicates it is a 4w laser. No useful cutting power except for paper and card and the thinnest of veneers. Possibly a good starter for getting familiar with using a laser.
  2. Try " longboat " You get a lot of Medway's Longboat but others also.. The Medway longboat should be a good example of framing for the next 100 years.. Also the Model Shipways 18th CenturyLongboat is a good example. P.S. " Pinnace " is a good search also..
  3. The drawing that Allan referenced above should help.. https://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/86917.html There are many " longboat " logs and topics here, any number of which should help. Many of the basics probably didn't change very much for a period of over 100 years..
  4. Great to see another Cheerful on the blocks.. If you haven't seen it, there are a lot of good tips in the prototype build log.
  5. I was looking at your anchors for the WESPE, and that is an excellent example of using laser cut layers to make a 3D part.. Very nice work and a very good argument for using a small laser to make small parts..
  6. I would say 'yes' to both of those. Most, if not all, tabletop lasers use a USB interface. My experience on laser user forums tells me MAC users tend to have more interface problems due to driver issues. The software that usually comes with DIY lower cost lasers is notoriously not very useful. A sight I visit a lot Is the Support Forum for LightBurn software.. More info about the software here: LightBurn Visiting that forum will tell you a lot about what kind of issues people have. Using it for model ship building can be as useful as any number o
  7. Did you look in on AdamA's log? He shows a lot of stern detail starting here: P.S. Posting your email in public areas of the forum is not a good idea. Best to use private messages.
  8. I know there is a lot of variety with these pens, but my experiments with the common black " Sharpie " pens is that the results have a bluish/purplish sheen, and nothing I would be happy with as a final finish..
  9. Sorry to hear of your loss.. Thanks for the apology..
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