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  1. Hi Dan/Allan many thanks for your reply’s very helpful. Allan this is a two plank kit but I will still remove fitted planks as want to get this right. I did find it strange that I had carried out no tapering with the first four planks. Due to the severe bend at the bows I found it difficult to mark out for taper, and planking seemed to full I place without this. I will watch the tutorials and make good mistakes thanks Graham
  2. Good morning all. I am looking for some advice on 1st planking for Caldercraft 1:64 HM BARK ENDEAVOUR please see photo’s. I am reasonably happy with the bow but welcome any further advice with this area. I am have more concerns with the stern as not not sure how to proceed as you can see I have place the first 4 planks the 4th then twists to go onto bulkhead 15 I am not sure this is correct. Also the rest of the planking down to the keel. Any advice / assistance would be very helpful as I donor want to make a mess of this. Lastly instructions say start planking from mid deck down would t
  3. Hi Dashi I have just started Caldercraft HM BARK ENDEAVOUR this being my second build. I have come across a slight problem in that bulkhead 15 this is the last bulkhead by the rudder located at the stern is protruding about 5mm above the deck. I know your build was some time ago but can you remember if this should be flush as per all other bulkheads regards Graham
  4. Have a Hull and Bulkhead build question on the HM BARK ENDEAVOUR could someone confirm if bulkhead 15 at the stern should be protruding about 5mm above hull centre line or should this be level as per other bulkheads. Please see attached photo. thanks Graham
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