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  1. Lots of good advise, thanks again. I am from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. There are no shops or stores that carry ship models and tools here. Can someone advise me on where (on-line) that I can get a good selection of tools that are moderately priced? Hope this question is allowed on here.
  2. Thanks everyone for your kind advice, I won't ignore it. Much appreciated.
  3. Hello hobbyists. I am brand new to this hobby and cant wait to get started. Most hobby shops and suppliers are not overly helpful in my experience, so I am delighted to find this forum. I am looking for some guidance on a couple questions. 1. First project... this is what I am planning.... comments/suggestions? https://www.modelerscentral.com/ship-model-kits/starters-packs/port-jackson-schooner-1803-starters-pack/ 2. Books and literature. Any suggestions for books to help me learn the hobby? 3. Tools, glues, accessories. Any suggestions on what glue
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