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  1. I'm sorry I didn't notice your post, because this is chuck's post, so I didn't reply to you in time. Here are some.Thank you!
  2. Hi Chuck! Same as you, I'm designing the head platform. It's true that the upper and lower check are a bit complicated, then the main rail is a little better. After all, from the top view, they are straight, not curved, and then they are actually stitched together. I don't know as a kit project, the whole one will be easier to make? Then when you have finished a sample, can you consider casting with resin? I saw in the previous buildlog that the resin parts can be properly deformed to fit the hull. However, it is much more difficult for me, because I am also considering how to use CNC to proc
  3. Hi Albert! Looking forward to this great model, she will be a legend again!
  4. Nice project!I'm looking forward to your buildlog. She's an eternal warship. Great! Jack
  5. Print the frieze,good idea, this time I saw Mr. Chuck's method of making the frieze. I accidentally saw a video of using a printer to make patterns and then transfer them to other objects. With his permission, he agreed that I use screenshots to introduce his methods to members in forum. 1. 2.Spray a protective film, which he also provided. 3.
  6. First of all, thank you very much, Mr. Passaro. You have made it a reality. More importantly, you have not only given me, but also given all members the opportunity to participate in this project. You have taught everyone the skills of making the whole project, so that the fans not only enjoy in making(this model), but also learn the knowledge of ship model. I really enjoyed the process. I would also like to thank the enthusiastic members who participated in this group project together, and many members provided valuable modifications (design of the carvings), and thank MSW for this c
  7. Hi garyshipwright, I'm so sorry I misunderstood your needs....If you want to buy CNC engraving machine, the cheapest one(Desktop level) that can process products in batches, it will be over $1200 in China. I see the price on eBay seems to be more expensive. Machines below this price may have some problems, such as durability and accuracy. There is a very cheap machine, estimated to be only about $600, which has become a "toy machine" in China, which is not good enough for processing products. If it's
  8. It looks nice. Did you put a layer of wax on it? Wax oil? I'm sorry that I can't provide cherry carving sets this time...., because I can't solve the problem of color difference.
  9. Hi garyshipwright! If you can carve a figure head with sculpture mud by yourself, then convert it into 3Dmodel with 3D scanning, and then.... then ....if you are willing to pay for the express delivery from China to the United States - about 30 dollars, I can carve a boxwood one for you free, Why use sculpture mud instead of wood? Because you can modify her, and you can carve a large one, such as 30cm high, which will be easier and get more details. I will help you modify this 3D model until it matches your ship model - scale and posture. Then reduce it to a ratio of 1:48, and
  10. Yes, I sent the first six sets to the agent yesterday. The agent has received them this morning and sent them to the United States from DHL this afternoon. It happens that the first six members are all in U.S.A. I have sent the second batch to the agent this afternoon. Tomorrow, the agent will send the second batch to DHL for sending out. merry Christmas to every one in advance! Jack
  11. Thank you verymuch for your kind words Mr.Chris Watton,and thank you very one! First of all,many thanks to Mr.Passaro and MSW,thank you for your support and help. The carving sets are available and ready for sale now.I will send PM to every member who participates in the reservation purchase.For technical reasons, my sponsor link will have to wait a few more days, but this does not affect your order.This is a complete set. On the left is the packaged look. On the right is all the carvings and the Gifts of polishing brushes & latex finger covers. Jack
  12. Hi every one! I have finished 10 sets arm-parts. This time, I redesigned the fixture and optimized the processing procedure. So this batch of products is very successful. Except for the first three test products, the last 10 are all excellent products with almost no defects. And I'll finish the remaining 10 sets soon. Unlike Mr. Chuck's figurehead, the arms of all members' figurehead have been glued with German glue. I have also made some simple polishing for everyone, and I will remove the base for your folks. I use a strong plastic box for packing, an
  13. I think this discussion is very good, because I have been thinking that using CNC machining parts will make all models look the same, which will make the model making become a boring thing? That's going to take away the "soul" of model making. When I see so many opinions, I think it's very good.
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