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  1. Hi everyone! Today I started the processing of the last relief. Since this is a small batch production, I asked my friend to help me cut boxwood and Jujubewood into thin wood chips. Because the relief is thin and long, and thickness is only 0.5-1mm, it is quite difficult to make... Mr. Chuck asked me to make this part. Fortunately,in the end I found a way to process it .I machined this part directly on the surface, so it can fits well with the surface of the model. As always, this is also a component with high degree of completion, which you can assemble on the model with a simple process.After careful consideration, I decided to keep the ”diamond “ in the right half. You need to decide which side will be removed- the left or right "diamond". As long as you remove the ”diamond part“ carefully, you can splicing it with the other half accurately. Jack
  2. Hi everyone! It's almost a month and a half since September 1, I'll finish the production of Jujube wood drops tomorrow. I expect that in another week, I'll finish all the carvings except the figureheads. Then, when I finish about half of the figureheads, that is, at the end of this month or early next month, I can accept the order. Since I didn't make this model, but I built the 3D model of the stern of Winchelsea, I'm glad that Mr. Chuck tested the drops and it matched the actual model 'good'...He told me. Unlike previous ones, this is batch production, so I rewrote the processing program, I used nearly 20 subroutines to process this complex multi-faceted parts (drop), you need only a simple correction and polishing to assemble them on your model. Here again, many thanks to Mr. mark and Alexander for their comments on the modification so that you can get more accurate products. The drop below is made of Jujubewood,not polished and treated, it is very close to boxwood. Indeed, I can only say close but not "the same as...", maybe it's more harder than boxwood, but not so delicate. I will consider using Jujube wood to process POF Kits in the future. Jack
  3. Hi scrubbyj427, Wood and resin carvings can be dyed.If you make a cherry or pear version this time, you can dye it. If you choose my carvings, what ever it is jujubewood or boxwood, I can send you a few extra carvings for dyeing experiments,But the carving I gave you is defective. These defective products can not be sold because of the defect of wood grain, but can be used for dyeing experiments.It's better to brush a colorless primer first, otherwise the wood grain will deepen and scrap. Thanks Jack
  4. Hello, everyone. I will introduce the cleaning and polishing of boxwood/Jujube wood carvings.These operations apply to all of my carvings (include figurehead). 1.Don't use sandpaper or a file to clean or polish carving, because my carving is so fine that you can see his/her eyes (or even eyeballs).Otherwise, some details will be lost. But you can modify the back or edge of carving with a file. 2.All the members who ordered and eventually purchased this set of carvings,I will send him a set of special polishing/cleaning brushes free of charge. Let me show you how to use it. This is the carving of the newly carved ,it still looks a little rough,but it's not polished or cleaned at all.In fact, he is very smooth, just because the sawdust on the surface has not been cleaned. Install it on your Dremel (or mini-miller), turn on the switch, and the brush spins fast, but it's very soft, just like your pet cat touches your hand. After a simple cleaning, about a minute. It looks a lot cleaner. In this way, you can polish carvings without losing details.I'm sorry my camera is not good enough. You can refer to Mr. Chuck's figurehead. After further polishing, the surface will have the unique oily effect of boxwood, you can also wax him. You can also glue the relief onto the model and polish it. The brush won't damage your model. Please note that before sticking to the model, do not wax it, if so glue is difficult to stick. Many modelbuilders are so helpless to make models dirty. Models dirty only depend on polishing. Fine relief or figure head can easily lose details in the polishing process. I recommend a simple, inexpensive and practical tool, which is This is ‘finger-cot’,made of latex, it also protects your fingers from paint or glue damage. Thanks Jack
  5. Hi Mike, thank you for your message, According to the current statistics, I will arrange the first batch of production. When I finish the first batch of carving, I will inform every member to start ordering, you can choose to order or give up. As for how to order, it's quite easy. Payment by paypal, you will receive an international express package. I have sent it to America and Europe several times without any loss. If the package is missing but not for your reasons, I will send you a new one. If you give up the order, you can either give up permanently or reorder, but if you reorder after giving up, you will be placed in the next batch. I'm registering for a website called CNCShipmodel, but I haven't finished it yet. I hope to become a sponsor of MSW, where you can check and order carvings in the future. Jack
  6. Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your attention and reply to this post ! Thank you so much for telling me your thoughts and sending me useful message...and now I'll talk about the production cycle of boxwood and Jujube wood's carvings.It's the topic of concern to all. As you can see, when I get an approximate demand, I will produce it in sequence. Now I know the approximate amount of demand and most people tend to buy boxwood sets, so I will produce 20 boxwood sets and 5 Jujube wood sets in the first batch. I estimate it will take about two months to complete 25 sets of carvings.Express delivery to the United States and Europe is almost 5-10 days, usually five working days. Payment is Paypal, very fast and convenient.Both products are all free shipping. I will keep releasing progress information (pictures). Thanks! Jack
  7. Hello dragonflyxlii,thank you for your message,when I finish the first batch of carvings, I will inform you immediately that you can order it. Those who have responded and expressed their willingness here will give priority to purchase it . Thanks Jack
  8. Thank you Jim Rogers! Column should be in laser carving KITs, although I can provide it (CNC one), but it is up to Mr. Chuck to make the decision. I think you will get a reply from Mr. Chuck tomorrow morning. As for whether you can buy the figurehead of resin and the carvings of jujube, I need to wait for Mr. Chuck's decision, including how to calculate the price. It doesn't matter. When I finish the first batch of products, you can finally decide whether you need to buy them or not. Thank you for telling me your thoughts. Jack
  9. Yes,as Mr. Chuck said, the following picture shows all the carvings more clearly. I'm sorry,the "figurehed x1" should be "Figurehead x 1“,all of carvings are made by boxwood or Jujube wood. Jack
  10. Thank you very much for your reply. Although this is not a formal order, nor does it need to pay a deposit, nor does it mean that you must buy it in the future, it can let me know the quantity and proportion of the two kinds of sculptures that need to be produced. Jack
  11. Thank you very much Mr. Passaro. I am very glad to be able to participate in this project. I am also very happy to offer every member Boxwood and Asian jujube wood sculptures. I will introduce the sculpture in detail and answer your questions. An important purpose of starting this topic is to find out how many members are interested in boxwood or Jujubewood sculptures. I will start to produce according to the quantity needed. Whether it is one set or 20 sets, I will try my best to provide you with good products. All members interested in buying boxwood/Jujubewood sculptures can express his wishes in replies. I will make a preliminary statistics. I will know how many people need this set of wood sculptures. Then I will produce sculptures according to this statistics. If you don't want to publicly express your purchase intention, you can also send me PM. Ultimately, before selling, I think I will become a sponsor of MSW first, because I'm still preparing my studio named CNC Shipmodel. Usually I will produce 10 sets, unless more than 10 people need it, then I will continue to show you the completed carvings until all are completed, then i will accept the order. I will give priority to those who reply to the purchase wish. Almost forgot to say that I only accept orders from members(or modelbuilder) who have purchased Kit of Winchelsea from SYREN company, but not from anyone who have not purchased that KIT!!! I solemnly assure you that all the software I use for this sculpture, whether for design or NC processing, I have purchased commercial licenses. Before developing and making these sculptures, I have sent all the purchase certificates to Mr. Chuck. All the software I use is purchased by myself. The authorized person is myself, not my company or anyone else. All 3D models are based on Mr. Chuck's drawings, and originally designed with Mr. Chuck's permission. All the 3D models were made by myself, and all the NC programs were written by myself, so these sculptures were made according to Mr. Chuck's drawings originally. First of all, I would like to introduce the difference between Asian box wood and Asian jujube. Because of the reasons I mentioned earlier, the price of this set of sculptures is not cheap, so Mr. Chuck has provided you with Resin-Cast sculptures. Mr. Chuck wants me to continue making some boxwood sculptures, because Winchelsea is really a beautiful project, and maybe many members will need years to make her. Moreover, Mr. Chuck has devoted a lot of energy and years to providing you with high quality KIT. Perhaps many members want to use the boxwood sculpture to complete the project. Mr. Chuck also wanted me to offer a relatively inexpensive but good version, so I chose Asian jujube wood. Judging from the previous pictures, it is estimated that many people find it difficult to distinguish the two kinds of wood. Undoubtedly, boxwood is almost the best wood for ship model or sculpture, while Asian jujube has a hard and dense character, and its color is similar to that of boxwood. Because of the high price of box wood, many people use pear wood (Swiss pear wood) to make ship models. Compared with Swiss pear wood, Asian jujube wood is not as delicate as pear wood, but jujube wood has similar color and performance to box wood. Because jujube wood is too hard, it is not suitable for manual carving, but it is very suitable for CNC. There are yellow and reddish brown, but I only provided yellow one this time. Asian jujube (left) and Asian box wood (right). Because jujube wood is more easily oxidized, the color of jujube wood tends to be more golden, but the color of jujube wood and boxwood is very similar when they are just finished processing. If you need the best one, then box wood is your choice. If you want to use wood sculpture, but you want to have a relatively cheap price, you can consider jujube wood. Secondly, I would like to introduce the processing technology of this set of sculptures. Thanks to the precise 3D modeling, although I can't communicate and modify the sculpture face to face with Mr. Chuck, when Mr. Chuck received the sculpture, I think it fits well with KIT, because Mr. Chuck didn't ask me to modify the size, including the figurehead.Unlike many other carvings, I use complex composite processing technology, that is, relatively complex NC programming, so you can get separated sculpture, while many others are single-sided sculpture and the precision is relatively low, which requires quite a bit of work on polishing and refining. I used a variety of milling cutters mixed processing, and the use of composite processing technology, so that the sculpture looks like polished, and has been separated from the board, as long as you do some polishing and decoration, you can get very delicate carving.They are taken directly from the machine tool, after simple cleaning, without polishing and embossing, that is to say, what you get is what you see now. Jack
  12. Good idea, Mr. Chuck always has some unique ideas... For example, the ribs assembly method of his cross-section KIT last time.
  13. Hi Siggi52 ! Your last sketch is more accurate than mine,thank you! I overlooked one detail, the position of rail on the other side. But according to your sketch, the floor of stool will be more higher, especially in the rear. I used your method to measure the height by scale, but she's Hms warrior because I didn't have the draught of Alfred.I think this height can satisfy the average person, although it's quite uncomfortable.. But my personal idea is that the floor of stool will be a little lower than the upper deck. If i move to it's port,it will be 6' 2". I checked out Mr. Goodwin's book. If i follow his structure, the height of my 74gun project is 0.45m, I think maybe I need a step or simplify it, just like Franklin's model. The internal space height 1.97M-2 1/2",it's about 1.9M. Although I have this idea personally-see below figure ,but it has no any basis,so i think i will simplify it. HJX

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