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  1. Thank you Greg! As for that gap, it's a result of unfinished drafting work now, I'll test sample of scroll,in next step, Compared with the original draught, I made some modifications to the head of Neptune,especially the neck, the head posture in the original design is a little strange,it may be intentional to leave enough space with bowsprit.. Personally, I prefer the heroic posture...And his robe, because I need to use the robe to cover the connection of the left arm, I use 4-axis processing, so the left arm will hinder me from processing his body.
  2. The lower and upper cheeks are modified to prepare the relief of the bow.I'm thinking about how to process lower and upper cheek.
  3. This is the 1:48 and 1:36 Trident, boxwood, Chinese and English versions.The trident of boxwood is just to show the effect at present. There will be Trident made of copper in the future. I have also designed some molds for batch processing, and I will release the parts for batch processing these days. Jack
  4. This can not be said to be a bad idea Sailor1234567890!LOL...I have such an idea, I used to be obsessed with the ship model Museum, about 15 years ago, so at that time I tried to do my business, hoping to invest in a hotel in the seaside( tourist area), where many ship models were displayed... But my several failed businesses blocked my plan. These two photos were sent to me by my friends. I don't know who the original author was. If there is any offence, please tell me that I will delete them immediately. I'm just saying that someone does build a 1:12 model...
  5. Thank you JJ, And some more parts,without any polishing and treatment, it's just a machine-made appearance. That is , this is the parts we provide. Jack
  6. Thank you Sailor1234567890, the batch products should be 1:64 and 1:48. By the way,say something more...we have taken it into account for transportation and price (which also involves tariffs), as well as the size of the final model, which is designed for display. Because many members have more than one model at home, so we are considering 1:64 or even 72, 1: 64 will be about a meter long, equivalent to frigate at 1:48 scale , and then with a length of about 840 mm at 1:72,for a small scale kit, I consider using boxwood. Because of the huge hull, it is inevitable that i
  7. Thank you Mike,I'm sorry, I don't have any plans for Hms Bellona. CAF is developing that project. I mentioned HMS Victory 1765 and HMS Princess Royal 1773. If I can get their licenses from NMM, I will continue those projects. I did OEM a (another) 5th rate project carvings (except Winchelsea),as long as any project is legally licensed. Jack
  8. Thank you Thomas,😃 Thank you JJ! I'll let you know as soon as I finish some more parts and preparations. Many thanks to MSW and Chuck. In fact, Cumberland used to be the background map of MSW's website. This project was proposed by me and was supported by Chuck immediately. I followed his suggestion. This project will cooperate with MSW for promotion, so more information will be released--when we(True Image model) finish the negotiation with MSW on some details.I need to follow MSW's rules about business content. Jack
  9. By the way, we will provide high quality boxwood, jujube and pear wood, as well as fine machined parts. We can provide parts all made by boxwood- Yes, all parts are processed by high quality boxwood. Figurehead made by boxwood, Asian boxwood has a good appearance, very delicate, moderate hardness, density and fineness are more than pear wood, thick wood is very rare. High quality jujube wood, which surpasses the density and hardness of boxwood, is similar to the fineness and color of boxwood.
  10. Thank you Sailor1234567890,It's true that the 1:36 model has a huge hull. Here's an approximate outline comparison. Now there are two modelers working on 1:36 and 1:48 models, and maybe more people will be involved.I will also do some verification work myself, and my UK partner will write instructions in English. He said he would make this model, too. The blue part will be the bow section kit. Maybe it will be longer. We will accept customers' requests for customization. Jack
  11. As for the development cycle, I will finish the project all the time. In order to speed up the development progress, I invited two ModelBuilders to verify the model, and I only focused on the processing of components. Secondly, the UK partner also agreed to develop the bow section first, and I expect that the work of the bow section may be completed in the second half of the year. One idea is to release the bow section first, then stern section and midsection, so that the folks won't wait too long. Then, all these section kits can become independent models or assemble four sections into a comp
  12. Thank you. Yes, maybe I will continue L'Artesien in the future, when my wife doesn't stop me any more... My friend is continuing to make that project. I promise to help him carve all carvings. I always encourage him to release his buildlog. He always says to wait,wait ...
  13. Hi, This is a validation model for kit development, and the work of hull part will begin soon. About 70% of the design has been completed. My partners will make 1:36, 1:48 and bow section respectively. All the photos from their buildlog are authorized for me to release in MSW. This project started from NMM's original draught, True Image Model, a ship model studio from UK, which obtained a commercial kit license from NMM.
  14. Thank you JJ! Maybe it's not suitable to publish Cumberland in the buildlog of Artesien. I think it's the last time release photos of Cumberland here. I'll create a new buildlog to introduce HMS Cumberland 1774. As the left arm will interfere with the processing of the body, I will carve the left arm separately and hide the splicing line in the robe. Although the real figure head's arms will not do this, but as a model, I will hide the splicing line. Jack
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