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  1. A couple of pics for now, Bulkheads are now all glued. Decks are dry fitted only to check for alignment. I suspect that this is the "easy" part and things will get interesting from here.
  2. Thanks HOF, I am always looking for more reseach material. At this stage I'm leaning to no sail, just rigging but that may change. All comments / opinions and advise are welcome and appreciated 😎👌 JR
  3. Nothing too exciting, finally started gluing. Given this is the first time, for me, working with wood, its a little daunting to make the first step. Slow and steady....😉
  4. Of course....its a nice little book.. published 1903...I have a closet fetish for the smell of old books. HaHa.. JR
  5. Kind words thank you Peter....the hull decorations are nice, i have only briefly looked them over and not sure what the original was made of (wood or metal)... i would like to, at some stage, try myhand at carving but only if it serves to improve. 👌 As for the liquid...purely for inspiration....i would much prefer a Sarsparilla 🤣 JR
  6. I used to live in Bendigo / Puckapunyal in the 80s, in another life. I loved country Victoria......🤔 mmmm...not so much the city...i imagine is has changed alot in 30 odd years. JR
  7. Yes ! You are correct 😎 Plank on Frame Models volume 1 and 2 ....i am seaching for these 👌 Also another of his , Sailing Ships Rigs and Rigging 👍
  8. Quick update.... As I'm sure most will know, the right reference material is helpful.
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