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  1. Thank you, I hope I can do the ship justice. I am having so much fun I am already debating about making a scratch built frigate of the same scale.
  2. Started sanding, really happy with the results so far. Tested the forepeak and it was a nice snug fit ☺️ Need to sand the second half down then on to the vaneer. I am wondering how to glue it, some seem to prefer Superglue others PVA.
  3. I would avoid using the deck planks for this they will be too thin for the task, the 2mm planking would be best.
  4. I had a similar idea however I like the additional strength that the pins provide.
  5. Thank you Chimp There are a one or two areas that are on the limit of even for 2mm. I will just have to layer up these areas with more strips. Unfortunately I am going to have to sand down the nails first, I am not bothered about this though.
  6. Making a bit of progress on the planking, the steps are a bit bigger than I had hoped, but it I am pleased with the progress so far.
  7. I have a quick question, is there a recommended brand of Sand and Sealer. I have Tung Oil, but it looks like this would not be advisable to use prior to painting. So I plan on using a Sanding Sealer on the hull, painting and finally a finishing coat of Tung Oil. I plan on using the Tung Oil on the dyed pieces as well. Please let me know if this could cause me problems.
  8. Hi Chimp, I have been following your build log as well, looking great
  9. I have now started on the internal planking of the gunwales however I don't much like Occre's method of lining them without split at 5mm widths. I am going to split the 5mm in half and I am looking for a reference for the lengths of planks used here, I assume a similar pattern was used here to avoid a weak point. If I can't find anything definitive I might opt for 60mm lengths as per the decking, any advice would be much appreciated.
  10. Have made some progress on the hull. After reading up on decking colour I decided to give mine a bit of a greyish tint, the comparison picture unfortunately don't do it justice. After this I started on the gunwale, unfortunately I was a bit heavy handed with the starboard one and managed to snap it during adjustment. Fortunately the portside went on without a hitch.
  11. Thanks Bob, Not rude at all, I need all the help I can get. I have done the deck and decided to use the Tung Oil after checking the results on a test piece. I am happy with the results, just need to rub it down and apply the final coat. I plan on copper plating the hull, however from what you chaps have said I should avoid using the Tung Oil prior to painting so I will need to get a sand sealer for the hull prior to painting, this will give a better surface for the paint?
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