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  1. That’s the thing. In the top picture, the “gear sandwich” is upside down. The larger of the two gears is what is supposed to mesh with the smaller gear above it. Please understand that the photos were taken with the entire unit upside down. Perhaps that clears it up? Or makes it more confusing? 😉 In the second two pictures, the gear sandwich is placed on the central shaft correctly, and, as you can see, they do not mesh. I have checked with other photos of the assembled orrery, and rechecked the instructions and all of the steps to get to this stage, and I can’t figure it out. Very frustr
  2. Hi Jim, I know This is an old topic here, but I found it when Googling for help with a problem I’m having in the first stages: It seems I’ve gotten things assembled properly, but there is NO WAY to get the Venus gear “sandwich” to go on as directed. If I turn it upside down, it engages with the gear above it. You can see what I mean in the attached photos. Any help would be greatly appreciated! thank you, John
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