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  1. I am building the ship used for the movie, the 1970 replica, for reasons I listed in my Introduction/Project motivation post! The actual Surprise is indeed significantly different, I may take a whack at it afterwards for comparison
  2. Update 1: Lines and Offsets Today we are lofting the table of offsets and starting to create the hull of the ship. Feedback on the site design is appreciate, as its my first time doing something like this! !
  3. Welcome to my project to digitally recreate the HMS Surprise, as seen in the movie Master and Commander. This vessel was converted from the HMS Rose, a replica frigate drawn from original admiralty plans. I will be hosting the progress updates on my personal site, however all updates and discussion will be posted on this site. Apologies if this is posted in the wrong forum, as I believe this project is unique from other logs here! Introduction and Project Motivation
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