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  1. Hi, thanks for all help. I'm not sure if I got solved the promlem. The 2 first station lines in the front view i now how to place, but the rest is more difficult to find where to place.
  2. I have started on a project to 3d model an offshore vessel, who im going to 3d print later. I struggle a bit to figure out where to place the lines, as there are no numbers on the lines in the front drawing. If someone have an idea to solve this, it would be a great help. I attach the ga drawing .
  3. Hi, Thank you for answering. I have plans to build an offshore vessel from line drawings and 3d print the hull. What CAD software do you reccomend for 3d modeling ship hull. And do you know some good tutoriols for that?
  4. Hi, I is it any tool that can scan modern ship hull drawings to 3d, or another way of doing that?
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