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  1. This is just magnificent! I thought it a good model at any scale, then I saw your hand holding your beautiful model - wow! 👏
  2. Really like the copper plates you have done, the kit provided ones for other builds I've done are all a bit too nice and shiny for my liking and you have gone to the trouble to darken yours, wish I had! So good to see someone making their own - well done! 👏
  3. Well, the cannons are in place this evening with their breeching ropes. I soaked the threads in water so they would lay as desired and brushed over with thin matt varnish (MIG Ammo ultra matt.) so hopefully that will keep them in place on the deck. Next up the tackle, I have stroped the blocks and added hooks, so need to rig them next. Note to self for next build - add cannons and ropes BEFORE anything else on the deck! What a pain trying to do this with the Binnacle/capstan etc. in the way! Doh! 🤭
  4. Likewise there are a few carvings on my CC Bounty, I will photograph and send if you want.
  5. Yes I’m using Birchwood Casey Brass Black, seems to work quite well if you follow the guidance and tips here on MSW. Trick is cleaning the parts and diluting the blackener and not trying to get a jet black finish in one dip. Certainly teaches you patience this hobby of ours! 😂
  6. To be honest some of it does, getting better at blackening metal parts, I used to assume that more blackening = darker metal but it just flakes off / goes crusty. So I'm now more patient and use diluted blackener for less time (a minute or two) and dip the parts more often if I want a darker tone. Still it can wipe off a bit, so a quick touch up with thin black acrylic paint is all I use when I have finished messing about with the part, but mostly it looks okay.
  7. I will second that! Just starting rigging my Bounty cannons, thanks all for sharing your knowledge, makes it so much more accessible for the less experienced amongst us. 👍😄
  8. More block tying today for the cannons, also made some ring bolts for the breeching rope, used some wire wrapped around a cocktail stick. Blackened with Brass blackener, then I cut off "split rings" to thread onto the eyebolt in the cannon carriage. Hopefully the "split" bit of the ring can be hidden under the breeching rope. Mock-up picture attached.
  9. It's a great little programme, makes uploading build log pictures a doddle, thanks for doing this and sharing. 😄
  10. Had a frustrating few evenings tying eyes to blocks and doing the rigging for the Tiller/Wheel. Got there in the end, but wish I had waited for the brilliant advice I got from John @JRB9019 who talked me through his method and sent me a wonderful word document on stropping blocks! 😁 - Thank you John! 👏 Also had a mini disaster when threading the thread through all the blocks and wrapping around the wheel when one of the blocks popped out. ☹️ Took most of this evening to redo. Off to practice with Car sponges / rope & gaffer tape rolls! (will let John explain th
  11. Hi John, Looking good, I'm just at this stage on my Bounty, looking at how to tie blocks to eyelets and hooks, so glad to come across someone doing the same. Yep CC instructions are brill aren't they! 😆 I've got myself some illuminated headset magnifying lenses, as my eyesight is not what it once was! 🤓
  12. The new Binnacle is from Vanguard models, they do them in 1/64th and 1/72nd scale, sorry not your 1/50th scale! However the McKay AOTS book you have just got does show the Binnacle, so maybe you might try building one from scratch if your kit does not provide one?
  13. Seemed to do a lot of faffing about tonight with not much progress to show, except for the replacement Binnacle from Vanguard installed, it's quite a bit wider than the the CC one, hope that doesn't cause issues down the line.... 🤔
  14. That is a good book and I have been referring to it constantly. Yes it does show up discrepancies with the various kits out there; my Caldercraft Bounty is no exception, all us lesser mortals can do is try and make our kits a little better by referring to sources like McKay and MSW of course! Maybe one day, perhaps, gain the skills to scratch build something! 🤣 Keep up the good work!
  15. Thanks Mike, really hoping to finish this one! I'm enjoying following your Snake build closely, as I have one of those in stock! 😉
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