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  1. Simply wonderful, just come across this from another thread. Currently on holiday in Filey where these unusual little craft once worked, afraid none here today.
  2. Hi Dave, you are making cracking progress on the Endeavour after your Bounty. I've been kept busy over the summer by the Admiral, who wanted a Summer house building and some DIY/decorating doing! 🙄 Light at the end of the tunnel, just one more room to finish (my eldest gone to University last month), so apparently that "Has" to be done before he comes back at Christmas and makes a mess of it again! 🤣 Then I shall be back to my Bounty...
  3. Seen this book mentioned a few times as a good source of information for my next build; Caldercraft's HMS Snake that I think I will build as one of the Cruizer class brigs or ship rigged sloops.
  4. Good luck with your Dad's birthday present build, I hope you do better than me for hitting the deadline! I set out to do the same, building HMS Orestes (Caldercraft HMS Mars) and sailed past his birthday by four years in the process 🤣 - He is happy with it now he finally has it - phew.
  5. Got a copy of this as I am fairly sure now that my Caldercraft "HMS Snake" will be one of the other Cruizer/Snake in her class, so need to be looking into the mast sizes and so on.
  6. Got these out of curiosity, as I have seen them mentioned as a reference many times on MSW.
  7. Hi Morgan, Did you progress this project? I ask because I also have the Caldercraft HMS Snake (my next build I think) and I am thinking along the line of building perhaps one of the other ships in the Snake/Cruizer class, rather than just out of the box so to speak.
  8. A few little updates, think I am about finished on the hull now, added the anchors, buoy rope just coiled for later attachment to the shrouds (and buoy when I make them.) Completed and mounted the rest of the swivel guns; I used eyelets to make the yokes and handles as I didn't like the look of the PE ones supplied with the kit. I have fixed the deadeyes in the channels; used epoxy glue to strengthen them so hopefully the PE straps won't come apart. I won't add the chains plates until I can rig the shrouds so I can get the "angle of dangle" of the chains correct - I think that's the correct term! Few other touches here and there to finish the hull fittings off, including a motley crew! - they will be positioned as the finishing touch when that happy day comes! Next up, masts and yards....
  9. Agreed! I think you will be able to build an excellent Endeavour 👍 Well done on your Bounty build! 👏
  10. These are not a patch on the artist ones above, but here are my 1/64 scale (25mm / 1 inch) Amati white metal figures I have just finished painting for my current "Bounty" build.
  11. Welcome back, I've been away for ten years and it wasn't held against me! 😆 Like you I would dearly have loved to see Caldercraft release their HMS Surprise (as a huge fan of the Patrick O'Brian novels), but it has been quiet on that front for far too long now. Hopefully Vanguard Models might do her one day? 🙏
  12. Hi Dave, CC don't supply flags, so I got this BECC 75mm one for my Bounty from Cornwall MB.
  13. Morning All, @Thunder Looks like you have few Caldercraft under your belt 😃, generally I think they are a good kits (some variable quality wood stock) but I have always been happy with them. Although I have no experience of them, comments on MSW seem to indicate they are not keeping up development wise with the likes of Victory/Amati & Vanguard, but Chris Watton's evolving design's behind all three of these companies! 😉. @DaveBaxt I completely understand the "pull" of the local connection with Cook, think we have discussed before our proximity to Cook's old haunts. My feeling about the Endeavour is that I want to do it "justice" as it's our local hero's ship, so almost a disadvantage in some ways in that we don't want to muck it up. Still if we do, we can always build another - think i have seen somewhere on MSW that a 1:48 scale Endeavour is coming out soon, not sure who by though?
  14. Over the years I have built many of the Airfix range, those springing to mind of the sailing ships were their HMS Victory, Royal Sovereign & Cutty Sark. Then from the WW2 1:600 range, I have made a whole fleet! USS Forrestal, HMS Ark Royal, King George V, Ajax, Cambeltown, the Bismark, Prinz Eugen, Scharnhorst etc. Sadly over the years there were many fleet actions (both deliberate destruction as a child; by fireworks and air rifle and accidents) so sadly the "Grand Fleet" consists of two survivors 😌 though ironically of two ships that didn't fair too well in the real world! - Graf Spee & HMS Hood! A few pictures attached, complete with their 1980's boxes (check the price on HMS Hood!), sadly these two are relegated to the garage as "they don't look as nice as the sailing ships" according to the Admiral...🤭
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