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  1. Got the other side of the ship deadeyes straps done and then did some of the small detail pieces. Gonna push through page I and see where I can get to with the rest of my vacation.
  2. Ok so it's a gradual progression not having all of them straight. So I have only done one side of my ship should I follow this sequence for the other side you think or should I make sure to do it right in the next build just for uniformity in this particular build? @Techtonic @LucienL I appreciate your guys feedback and answers. I wish i would have figured this out sooner but now it's my inexperience that's coming through and lack of research. I'm thankful though to learn and get help from all you guys!!
  3. @LucienL I have a question I just downloaded the anatomy of the ship for the Beagle and I was looking through the diagrams and the OcCre instructions aren't the same as the book. Should I be switching the the 5 slot and the two slot to make it correct? Or is the OcCre correct?
  4. Going smooth and steady once you start learning the tricks to get the small pieces manipulated I got into a pretty good rhythm with them. I'm really happy with how these are coming out. Only one gave me a small issue where I used the wrong bracket which is why the paint peeled.
  5. Ok that's good to know and I still have 15 cm of 1mm brass so I might just make it with that. Yours is looking amazing too btw.
  6. So started work on the dead eyes and the finished product will be cleaner as per the first "test" assembly. Except now looking at the photo I'm realizing it's not as clean as I want...welp I can fix that lol. So them popping up like that will be tucked into the whales so it's all clean fits. I'm feeling like I'm wasting brass though with such long stems. (I'm a conservationist and hate waste 😵😵). I also do not have a extensive amount of back up supplies so there is that too which I'm trying to work on. Anyways yea going well and when I showed my wife she made t
  7. Ok yea that's what I meant just never saw anyone use the tape so was interested.
  8. Nice fixes for sure!! The upper deck is nice as well is that how the kit comes with no false deck under the planking?
  9. Yea I noticed it is pretty chunky I might try to see if there is a thinner version of white i can get and will work on metal as well as wood.
  10. Looks interesting so I'm gonna pull a chair up and watch how this progresses. I'm wanting to eventually do a victory but A: surely don't have the financial ability to get it B: my Beagle build is my first ship and I like to take steps not leaps lol.
  11. As per the front picture of the model done correct you are right that the 2 slot is suppose to be first then the 5 slot. I'll look out for it as I'm getting close to that point.
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