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  1. I will for sure keep that in mind about the cold symptoms. That's crazy that it can do that to you with something so simple as CA. Also I love the addition of the little men. It really brings the ship to life. Like its telling a tale and not just existing.
  2. Yea that's my going plan. Will take it nice and slow that is for sure
  3. I'm excited for this part. It for sure will be interesting to say the least. I cant wait to see the true size of this ship!!
  4. For mounting the bowsprit it's not atleast when I was building I didn't see any but maybe I was suppose to leave something?? I'm not sure but either way.
  5. So starting on the bowsprit gonna see how this goes because I never made this big of a hole in the hull before
  6. @Cathead I love the knowledge snippet!! I had my suspicions but I was so busy recently I haven't done much research and went with my best description. @Pete D that for sure is something I'm concerned about when it comes to rigging. I know damage will come and it isn't too hard to fix I would say. As long as I dont drop it and cause a huge issue...*knocks on wood profusely*
  7. Welcome my friend!! I'm from the philly region too. Glad to see someone else local and maybe we can help each other out
  8. So I decided to put the life boats down and get some of the rest of the decorations done so got these all done and finished the life boat in the center. This is really quite an enjoyable build tbh. I'm for sure happy with the way the rope that is tieing down the life boat came out. Once that was done I broke my first part of the ship.... Patched it pretty quick but I need to finish the outfittings here then I'll touch the paint up.
  9. I actually purchase spare 3 4 and 5mm dowels already in anticipation of this because wether I had enough or not I knew I would make mistakes. I think I might have enough if it's only needing a foot worth of the 1x5. Thank for the heads up I really do appreciate it!
  10. So looks like the kit is notorious for being short on certain parts like the 1mm brass and now the 1mm by 3mm planks for the life boats. I'm gonna have to fashion the 2 mm by 4 mm I think to get enough materials because I have about 15 extra of those @Techtonic
  11. So has anyone else that has done this kit run out of 1x3 tilo because I am having that issue atm and trying to see if it will look ok with something substituted in
  12. I plan on doing many more ships. I really do find this extremely enjoyable. Like I said in my post, this is the first time I got to the "i dont want to deal with this" kind of attitude. It's been so enjoyable and so much better than video games I cant imagine why I didn't try it soon to be honest.
  13. So update because work has been a bit a rough so it's been slow working but it's been working alright. Got the deck fittings on Now onto the life boats which created my first "I really dont want to deal with moment" lol. Planking these guys were a pain truth be told just because not being able to tack them down I didn't have a good way to keep the planks in place once I wet them. I ended up glueing them while they were wet and just holding the planks in place with my fingers when my plastic clamps weren't staying in place. I got stuck only doing a couple planks per da
  14. It's coming along great for sure!! Cant wait to see what progress you make next weekend.
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