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  1. Welp I'm from south eastern so welcome to the club and GO EAGLES!!!🏈
  2. Small update because wow this is quite tedious lol. Still tying knots...maybe even in my sleep lol 2.75 of 10 shrouds done
  3. Off to a good start for sure!! I would make sure to have some back up small parts like deadeyes and eyebolts ready. As I went through the build and am on rigging now I found I ran out of eyebolts and deadeyes. They also only provide exactly enough of the brass rods you will need so it would be good to get some extra of that as well.
  4. If you have any questions feel free to post them. These guys are awesome here and if you can put up a log I would like to follow!!
  5. Alright one of 6 done!! It looks a lot better as I continued so I think my other 5 will look crisp 💕💕
  6. Oh boy do these knots not want to stay in place lol. I'm measuring like 5times before I put glue down to make sure they are good. But is truly is satisfying to see this come together And with each one I feel I am getting better and better for sure!! Yes I know I should glue till I know it's spaced all the way up but I should fit 24 on at 4.5 mm intervals which was triple checked. But if it doesn't come out right I'll make sure to not glue till the top. My biggest problem is the tension I have keeps faltering as I was getting up to the 4th and 5th one so I had to stop and glue them down to keep the look I wanted.
  7. Alright half way through the base of the shrouds then it's on to ratlines. This is really starting to get into some detail. I can't lie getting each one if these is like a milestone for each one because they are their own little project each set. It for sure is good fuel to keep me going through the grind.
  8. Can anyone tell me the normal distance between ratlines or is it just how much of a masochist I'm feeling at the given time
  9. So far not as bad as I thought it would be. Slow is the process but I'm enjoying it for sure!!!
  10. Alright so finally my months and some work on and off on these masts are finally done!! What you guys think about my progress?? It's time to do some research on rigging because this is going to be my first time rigging. 😅😅😅
  11. So after quite longer than I wanted I finished the masts and will mount them tomorrow and finish some of the major things I have held off. Thank you all for your patience!!
  12. Any idea how long the presentation is? I want to join but do have things to do that Saturday
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