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  1. Buildweek 7 - Entry 9 Hi all, Just thought I would post a small status update. I've continued the planking of the port side, which is coming on nicely. This time I have used some of the shorter pieces of planking and I think I've had some solid progress. Still no clamps, but I'm considering if I will stick to the nails for this build and consider some starter pack for my next build. The current status: I have started to use some shorter pieces to get more pressure in the contact surface in spots where the planks does not fit ex
  2. Hi Trond, great work! "The third time is a charm" is what you are lookibg for. And I agree that it is a very suitable saying in this case 🙂 Best regards, Halvor
  3. Buildweek 6 - Entry 8 First of all thanks for the kind words and encouragement, @popeye the sailor and @Veszett Roka, and off course all of you who read and liked my buildlog. The hull will be painted in the end, so most of what I do now will be hidden. Since I finished the starboard hull, I have completed some of the same steps on the port half. It is quite a bit quicker this time, particularly since I saved all the tape I used for measurements. Gluing the frames to the keel plate. Mounting the bulwark and transferring the lines from the
  4. Buildweek 5 - Entry 7 I continued planking and have now completed the first half and attached the balsa piece at the stern. I managed to fit the planks so I could have complete lengths all the way, and this was sort of my hope for the first half. I now have more experience when I start on the second half. I do need to get some better and more suitable needles (short and thin with a head) before I start. Now for the pictures: I adjusted the second to the last plank so the last would be easy to fit: The last plank had just a slight reduction
  5. @popeye the sailor Thanks for the pictures and the tips - the wetting and bending around a class worked very well! It takes some skill it seams, if the planks soak to long they get to soft and break, and if they are soaked to short they seem to snap internally. I know it is a long time until, but I look forward to the next build to see if the quality of the wood supplied makes a lot of difference. Anyways, I'm very happy with the laser cut frames 🙂 Buildweek 4 - Entry 6 I continued the planking process after realizing that I had made a mistake with the pla
  6. I have no tips for you, but I feel with you. The instructions are not very inspiring. I think however that if you continue you will learn a lot! Hope you continue. Best regards, Halvor
  7. Buildweek 3 - Entry 5 I started the planking 🙂 I realize I need to get some clamps and pins which are better suited since I did some damage on some of the frames with too thick pins. This won't be visible so I'm not too worried about it. I'll review my toolbox before commencing on the second half. Thanks for following and liking my build-log 🙂 My progress so far: Pre-fitting a plank Overview of my progress so far. I'm trying to taper the panks in the stern. Bow detail: Stern detail
  8. @popeye the sailor Thanks for the tips, nice pictures! I'm just starting the hobby, so I'll use the balsa wood on the stern as provided in the kit. Maybe on the other side I'll try to bend the planks over it if I feel brave 🙂
  9. Buildweek 3 - Entry 4 Thanks for looking into my buildlog and a particular thanks to all of you who have liked my posts. Also thanks to Popeye the Sailor for the encouragement to start planking. During Easter I've been browsing a lot on the forum, looking at different planking techniques and the tutorials on these. I decided to try to follow the lining and measuring process and had some progress on this yesterday. Since I don't have a printer or special tools, I took some inspiration from the different build logs and tutorials and used masking tape, a pencil and a ruler
  10. @popeye the sailor thanks for the post and pictures! I look forward to work with the winch, and your net find is an awesome story! I have to start keeping my eyes open. One thing I saw that you did and which I may try to do is to cut out the deck edge to frame the deck planking. I think that looked very neat. Anyways, first up is reading some planking tutorials. Best regards, Halvor
  11. Hi @popeye the sailor, after you wrote on my build log for the Norden I found yours and have now throughly read it. The steps are easy to follow and many of my questions were answered so thanks a lot for this! Best Regards, Halvor
  12. Buildweek 1 - entry 3 I decided to not change the side, after I learned that I will be free to decide the display side after the build is finished above. In this session I glued the frames to the keel, before I fitted the deck. I checked that everything looked good and glued the deck in place. Since I am new to this and do not have a lot of tools, I decided to just keep the deck in place while the glue set. 10 minutes can be a long time! An obvious opportunity for improvement before starting on port side. However it did turn out fine. After spending some tim
  13. Thanks for the usefull information, @Veszett Roka, @Keith Black and @popeye the sailor. Im really happy that I can seemingly select how I want it myself. I was mainly thinking about the fact that on drawings a ship usually sails to the right. I think I will feel that it is weird if it sails the other way. But I will stay open in case the other side turns out nicer 🙂
  14. Nice progress. I just started on my Billing Boats first build (the Norden) and I also saw some discrepancies between supplied versus the materials list (number of supplied planks - nothing critical). Looking at the more complicated builds in here it seems that a lot of the fun (and skill) is how to make pieces and bits. I think if you manage to complete this build based on simple instructions I think you gain a lot of experience. Makes me wonder how they managed before the internet 🙂 I look forward to follow your build! -Halvor
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