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  1. My very first attempt at the crowsfeet ended in disaster. So i ripped it down and started again. Im happy with this one so it can stay.
  2. People who drive right up on your bumper when you are sitting on speed limits.
  3. Here we are still plodding along. This time the shourds have been started and ratlines being done on the foremast port side.
  4. Lining gunports can be very tedious. Looks like a brilliant job. Nice work. The paint job has come out superb.
  5. I have this kit too. Haven't started yet. Yours looks real nice. Gun ports line up very well and also a top paint job.
  6. Still going on with the masts. Managed to get fore and main mast on. Now just working on the mizzen mast.
  7. Homer thank you very much. Even with my build I find it hard to put up posts that are interesting. Like for example, The masts and rigging stage im doing at the moment is not the most interesting aspect. But also trying to keep viewers entertained. Hardest part of a build log. I hope you enjoy your build. Its a very nice hull to work. Cheers Scott
  8. Well slowly but still going. Painted fore mast up Continuing with the main mast construction. Not a big update but little bits I can do every now and then.
  9. Looks extremely neat and well done. Im also building here but unfortunately I will not reach this standard of craftsmanship. I'm rigging blocks etc. I don't have a rope walk but will try to replicate what you have done . Nice work
  10. Hello there. Doing good. The first question is 99.9% of the time planking will start at the gunwales and work down towards the keel. Stealers and drop planks will be required i think by the looks of your bluff bow. I would start adding them earlier on the planking so by the time you work your way down you won't get any kick outs and kinks. Have a look in the section planking and framing a ships hull on this site, should give you a better idea. Keep up the good work.
  11. That's a long break between. I like hows its turned out. Looks really neat. Rigging stage coming up soon by the looks of it. Good job.
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