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  1. Great looking work Sir! That would drive me nuts too! Do you have some kind of magnifying device? They're tiny!
  2. Caldercraft HMS Victory build Update Hi All Keith - Thank you for the advice; a bottle of Birchwood Casey Brass Black arrived this week. I just haven't started playing with it yet. Chris - Congrats on scoring the Caldercraft Victory Kit! How far "started" is it? I know what you mean about making a stand. I found it very hard to do anything on the model unless it was securely screwed or clamped to the bench. Mort - How did you get the copper tiles to to follow all of those hinge notches (not to mention other curves and shapes) in the rudder? Greg - I'm
  3. Kurt & Wlell, Thank you guys, this is good to know about!
  4. Mailba, Good call! Even if I were to do just the ones on the main gun deck, they'd still be just more things to break during the copper, liners, wales, etc. Thank you Sir!
  5. Does anyone have any experience with a vacuum or suction pick-up tool? I used one years ago when doing some electronics work. I'm going to try using this model here (https://www.fdjtool.com/ho7001-pick-it-up-vac-tool-by-beadsmith.html) to install copper tiles. Thoughts anyone? Does anyone here already own one?
  6. Caldercraft HMS Victory build Update After gluing down the rest of the upper gun deck planking, I removed the majority of the smudged graphite by scraping it off with a bit of broken glass (For the uneven spots & corners - Thank you Lucien) and a razor. (For the field - Thank you Keith) I then sanded going from 150# to 400# with a combination of multi-tool, Proxxon detail sander, and hand-sanding. This was followed by four applications of a vinegar-steel wool stain. After about three treatments, I noticed that the planks were not darkening anymore.
  7. Hi Chris, Gil Middleton has a fantastic build log for his Caldercraft Victory build. You can find his coppering technique on the first page. It looks like he used tape instead of tiles though. Perhaps LucienL has some tips for the both of us. He recently coppered one of his builds. I'm sure you have seen it, but DaGostini has a basic Instruction sheet for this. (See attached.) Please let me know how you fare as I'm going to need to copper tile my build one day. HMS Victory Copper Tile Instructions.pdf
  8. Thanks Maliba, I'm not quite sure what you mean by false deck. The kit comes with a big piece of laser cut thin plywood that is a persnickety pain to shape and install. See photo of it below before planking.
  9. Latest Progress & Solutions: So I thought I'd try sticking the majority of my upper gun deck planking down all at once seeing as I had already stuck it to some tape to check the layout: Used a piece of 23 TPI pull saw blade as notched glue trowel to ensure a nice even coverage. (Kind of like what you'd use for tile.) Laid down both pieces of tape-plank assemblies, pushing and wriggling until all the planks were well imbedded in the glue. Used a single AA battery to carefully unroll the tape off the planking. Needed to push a few stragglers back i
  10. Wow! That's a drawing? I just joined about a week ago. Everyone on this forum is so nice and so helpful. Welcome!
  11. Ted, about your hull plating job: OOOooohhh!!! ...But I'm actually looking for a patina about 5-6 years: I'm also extremely interested in your sails. - They look Incredible! Where did you find plans for them? Are you going "full sail?" Have you "weathered" them at all?
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