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  1. Bruma, my confession is this.....I have at least three examples of this kit, plus all the accessories available. I've even made a dedicated build stand. BUT I haven't started it yet!!! I've spent an inordinate amount of time studying the model, photo's of the ship and all the build logs such as yours to see how people resolve what I see as kit issues and historical anachronisms. I can't see a way to depict bulwark details accurately...mainly the freeing ports and the white panels that run along both sides. These details will need addressing right at the beginning of the work. I'm still not hap
  2. AH AARGh! PA? Len, now that's clear, I dread what your shipping costs will be to UK. Depending what they turn out to be, I may have to re-consider my 'order'. The confusion was your location simply stated 'Nottingham'; but I see that has now been revised.
  3. Keith, what a ripping idea. Boris, your boats do appear to be a cut above what I've seen in a long time. Please do indulge us with a short tutorial of your methods. I know I wouldn't be alone in thanking you to take the time if you would be so generous.
  4. 2010 Shipwright Annual. ISBN 9781844861088. - $5.00 Len, would you kindly add this to my list please. Looks like you;ve started a real bunfight!
  5. American Heavy Frigates 1794-1826 - ISBN 978-1-84176-630-0 - $5.00 American Light and Medium Frigates 1794-1836. ISBN 978-1-84603-266-0. - $5.00 Ships of the American Revolution and Their Models by Harold Hahn - ISBN 0-87021-653-8 - $12.00 2012 Shipwright Annual. ISBN 9781844861491. - $5.00 Please put these to one side for me Len. GB£ ? I'm UK based so regular postage should do. You could pm me. Cheers matey.
  6. Honestly, from my experience, your photo's don't really show an issue worth worrying about. The grape vine indicates Trumpeter have detail issues somewhere on every kit they produce. From what I understand, THE big problem is the undersize rear funnel, though there are replacements available. A lot depends on what you want to achieve with your Hood. A handsome model can be built with what came in the box. Many of the 'inaccuracies' detailed on the Hood site are there but they are pretty minor. Most people wouldn't even notice.
  7. As plastic models go............that's not the end of the world. By the time you stop spending on this project I'd expect the good fairies would have been and finished it one morning.
  8. I was lucky to see both originals when they were part of the NMM display back in the 80's, they were a delight to behold. These kits capture them to perfection. They leave me breathless.
  9. As usual, my views are a little off-beat. The pre-painted model on page 4(?) to me looks superb. All these red's and blue's are far too bright at this scale. If you must use colour, it would make a welcome change to try a different selection. Can't fault your craftsmanship; an exceptional build.
  10. Incredibly transparent metals are real these days. CERN's LHC detectors have huge amounts of the stuff. Windows in modern tanks are made of transparent bulletproof metal......
  11. Bill, you must be the oldest man in the WORLD! Not a bad effort for someone born in 1852. You are excused for the stitching on your sails.
  12. How strange it is that many modellers don't think a ship is complete without a flag! My humble opinion is that an honest model is just that. Mounted models will always look a bit odd with a set of sails and flags flying. The only truly realistic depiction of a ship is to be set on the water, configured with a plausible arrangement of sails, flags AND crew. I do however accept not everyone will agree; ultimately each of us has the right to build and present their own creation as they see fit. Long may that continue.
  13. It's amazing how this venerable kit continues to spark peoples enthusiasm. At a guess I reckon it was introduced in 1958. So here's a thought......how many current builders were born before that date and how many were born since? Revell have earned an honourable place in modelling history. Not to be sniffed at.
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