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  1. What a pleasure it is to see you putting so much effort into this build, I continue to be impressed with your work. I'm sure you are already putting ideas together for your next build. Many here would encourage you to 'progress' to something wooden. You're fast approaching the rigging stage having already done most of the work on the shrouds and ratlines. It's this area where the 'faff' aspect will come to your attention and try your patience. Looking forward to that. For what it's worth, may I suggest you give the Airfix 'Bounty' some consideration. Being 1:87 it's twice the scale of the 'Vic'. Like the AOTS book of the 'Vic', the Bounty title emphasises the accuracy of the Airfix kit. You will have the option of the Bounty (just a few guns to mount), or a simple kit bash and build the previous merchantman incarnation of the ship, 'Bethia' (no guns at all!). Both versions have full ship rig at a scale where each and every detail could be accomplished. No doubt you would learn all there is to rigging any ship model. That would be the value of that build. And of course it wouldn't break the bank. Looking forward to more of your posts.
  2. Returning to this topic; after studying what I have with regards to my Unimat SL. I've decided it would be nice to have a separate bracket for the mill post, so that can be mounted behind the bed (on the bench) purely for convenience, similar to the Unimat 3 arrangement. The simplest solution would be a spare bed casting. It could be a damaged/mangled one. if the bit that the post fits into is ok. It's true, getting anything for the Unimat is an arm and a leg. Here's my long shot.....has any UK member got one they don't want? I'm not in a rush. The obvious is to make one myself. I'm also toying with making my own steady for between centre's work. Just thought I'd throw my thoughts out there guys. Thanks.
  3. Dan, these responses to your news are true testimony of your inestimable contribution to this corner of the world. I never knew you, but I feel the breeze of a friend passing me by. May the beyond be just as rewarding. Or get your money back! Bless you.
  4. Let's not get too carried away with precision.......(1/5th working Merlin).
  5. A vivid demonstration that a thing is the sum of all it's parts. What a wonderful way to have ones eye's opened to what can be done. This helter-skelter of virtuosity gets faster by the day. Strap me down for the ride.
  6. Another splendid model. Has anyone else spotted Vladimir Putin as the figurehead? Thanks for sharing.
  7. The car springs would have been plastered with grease. Being out there and exposed, the 'gaiters' stopped you staining your plus fours. Acres of leather and polished brass smacks of fetishism. These boats have spankers.
  8. Looking at the last photo, someone cashed up big time on the leather clad blocks, yet look at all that tarnished brass! Pure neglect.
  9. Ah ha! Now it's clear! Rubber sections separated by metal discs, in compression. Never seen this applied as it is. Aren't there some clever folk out there. Thanks guy's.
  10. The shock absorbers.....a nagging thought:- the two grainy photo's of these units aren't very clear, but my simplistic interpretation of how these operate suggest the 'rings' along its length (as modelled) are in fact a spring (as on a car suspension unit) which is compressed from either end by the two shackle fittings. I've searched in vain for a clear image of these dampers.
  11. Just a thought.....I do hope the awful bush fires afflicting Oz aren't giving grief to you and your neighbourhood. Be safe.
  12. Fleabay:- 120W scooter motors going for around £18. Several Unimat owners have converted to these. A bit of a faf to fit but possible. Hell a lot cheaper than the ones previously available.
  13. I know it may be an anathema to some, but the Hackney book on how to build the Airfix Cutty Sark gives a very methodical build sequence including most of the rigging and gives suggestions of scale cordage which can be used to interpret any other scale you may choose. It could clear elements of confusion.
  14. Pardon my ignorance, but I always wondered what was meant by a 'Chop Saw' is. Now I've seen this photo, it's inspired me to design and make a useful mini table top version, using a natty mini drill just arrived. We aren't always cutting lumber.
  15. Enjoying your progress. I noticed your building 'stool' set-up.....and had a wave of the terrors. I do hope everything is lashed down firmly; wouldn't want the obvious to happen as you get absorbed in all that rigging.

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