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  1. This is how the coppering will look. I taped out the line and painted the area copper to help hide any slight spaces after the copper goes on and provides an edge
  2. So here is the new look. It looks appropriate although if you look at the model on the box it does have the 1+6 strakes. The above picture has 4 of the 1x3 mm strakes and is less curved than the model plan so will stick with the real thing as outlined by our gracious expert. Pardon the copper paint but I was prepping the back ground before I had to make the adjustments so will remark out the copper lines later.
  3. Thanks all for the info. I agree it seemed too large despite the plan's instructions. Looks like I need to remove the 2 lower strakes. Will give it a try this evening. Stay tuned.
  4. I checked the instructions, so 0.5 by 3 mm strake starting below top 1 by 5 mm second plank then 6 1x3mm after it for total of 21 mm or 7 planks. The strake by the picture may make it look wider from the angle and hard to distinguish it so not sure to leave as per instructions or remove lower most plank.
  5. Finished the whales, I think needed a bit more curve but followed the plans. When I look at my Agamemnon, it should be okay. Gun deck ports and bulwark painted.At this point I am going to copper the hull for the next couple of weeks. I find it easier to do now as nothing to damage when I have it flipped over or sticking out to snag .
  6. After sanding, filling defects and sanding am ready for the whales, then paint the gun deck then copper.
  7. So I first saw an add for HMS Victory by De Agostini. Formidable as first build, my kids said I should do it, having previously done balsa wood airplanes. SO I got it 5 yrs or so ago. It had excellent instructions and You tube videos. Although not perfect came out reasonably well. Then did their Soleil Royale (plans ok) and constitution (had to print instructions from internet). The company plan for planking involves using more stealer strips than trimming for the bow. Also coppering done d\differently with straight line at water level and then cutting pieces at keel. Easier to get straight
  8. Glad to hear form the originator. Actually look forward to working on it. It is definitely not a beginner kit but after a couple of thers it is manageable especially with these forms where you can see what others have done.
  9. I also wished the false keel and bow could be added latter as in most other models as it makes planking easier and neater.
  10. Thanks. With the kids in college, I can spend 2-3 hrs a day working on it as my stress reliever. Biggest problem with the kit is the vagueness of instruction at times, definitely worse than other of their models. Will sand today and fill in cracks as it will be all painted and coppered. I will then put in the whale and copper. I like to copper at this pint as it avoids breaking things . They should change the order in their instructions.
  11. My bad, I posted here by mistake instead of the build log.
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