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  1. Hi guys and Gal's would any one know why Model space is down all I get a server error I wanted to tell Mark the Administrator that my planks that he said went out to me in October never did show up and I am about to run out of 5mm X 2MM planks to fix the stern area what can I use to substitute for that size planking I was able to find that size buy only in balsa but I find it to soft can it be used can it be bent in to shape using the same method as the for the harder planks Ronald
  2. Hello there Gregory is the 1/16x 1/4 basswood you mentioned is that exactly the same size as the wood the kit has 2mm X 5mm Ronald
  3. ok thanks Bossman 12 hours was a recommendation from another site also I have no idea what type of wood the planks are made of but do like the way you achieved the bend and twist in the photos so how long is a good time to soak the planks if not 12 hours and did you bowl the water as well Ronald
  4. as I said before and I say it again Bobby is not very helpful he doesn't show or explain how he did the first stern plank and that is the most important one of all once that one the rest will fall in place,
  5. hello there Gregory I have no photos of the ships body lines they will help in case my Victory is just like the one in the photo by the way may I ask which video did that photo come from, in any case see that first stern plank he already added that is my issue at hand and I have soaked them for 12 hours, also what can you tell me about the grain theory, I have also been trying to find the right planks for the stern and how flexible should they be to the point of breaking PS if you go back to view the photo of the instructions part 7 is what I am trying to achieve with no luck in part 4 that type of bend I can get if that is the bend I need to achieve then I got it, I thought the bend has to be more of a L shape, Ronald
  6. are you talking to someone else about the Victory shown in the post, because it's defiantly not mind my frames or bulkheads are fine Ronald
  7. yeah same design but different brand, did you see the photo of the instructions I added it shows the tight bend I'm talking honestly I do think the block can achieve the bend I need to make to go around the stern transom Ronald
  8. enclosed is a photo of the page showing what I need to do, this page is from a model space Victory kit pack 4 stage 33 page 191 although part 4 shows the plank partly bent part 5 & 6 shows the complete bend and twist the twist I can get just waiting on my steamer, the bend I can't get right, as you notice in the photos or does the bend stop partly like in part 4 there are no signs of stress and splinters any where on the end plank, any one who is or was working the model space Victory will know what I mean Ronald
  9. sorry gentlemen but I do not have a photo of my issue at hand trying to bend the stern planks with out splinting the plank at the bend Ronald
  10. I see what you mean about cracking or breaking mine doesn't break yet LOL but you can see that it shows splinting all over where the sharp bend is I normally have been trimming the splinters and sanding the curve but just don't like the way it comes out, this will be the third time I removed the plank from the model and try again, which reminds me this question is for everyone would you know where I can purchase 5mm X 2mm X 300mm wood planks thank you Ronald
  11. thanks OC I do have the blocks that came with the iron but isn't the blocks a little wide for the bend I need to make, plus the iron head is also wide I have been using the narrow part of the iron and sometime a soldering iron shaft part and gently pushing down on the plank after they have been soaked for 12 hours over the hot part of the iron and have been using the block inverted to support the iron. I have ordered a steamer to help with the twist part of the bend but would like to solve the sharp bend problem first Ronald
  12. Hello there can someone help me with a issue I am having regarding bending a tight radius for the stern planks yes you read it right I am still having trouble making the tight turns on the planks no matter how many videos I watch on how to bend planks they still seem to want to split at the turns on the visible side of the bend, I tried soaking them in how water for 12 hours but of course everyone knows the water is not going to stay hot for 12 hours, anyway I tried using the crimpers along with the iron, I did notice I do get a better crimp if I use the blade side instead of the blunt side, I don't what else to do and I am running out of planks and the one I will be getting from model space will be awhile before they even show up any new ideas will be most welcomed and appreciated. thank you Ronald
  13. the other side of the crimper blade is a wedge shape edge like a blade sort of and the opposite side of the crimper is flat
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