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  1. I found your username in the model space forum but what is the post name under Ronald
  2. are you on the UK version of the model space or the US forum because I do not belong to the UK version
  3. Hi Andre I was thinking since you to worked on the Victory from model space when you started planking the stern would you happen to know if the last rib 30 was almost close to the height of rib 29 and are there any type of measurements I can maybe use to get the fairing right, because that may be the cause of my problem planking the stern I may faired it to much and have to add filler, the first planks is under the floor appear to be only one that is ok but the rest are coming out right any suggestions. thank you Ronald
  4. thanks Andre no one from the Model space community hasn't responded to my request for help except Alan but all he told me was his victory had 8 planks in the stern area that is why I came here to this site Ronald
  5. Hi Andre I'm guessing that they were leveled before I removed them and decided to start over the # 5 plank you see in the first photo was the beginning of the next 8 layer of planks before I notice the unevenness of the planks, but like you mentioned I will be coppering the hull did you paint the hull a copper color it looks like you did because I can see that your planks are even from the lines, but anyway back to mine even thought they will be covered I will feel better knowing that the planks are even all the way to the false keel PS nice job on your model before and after t
  6. Hi Andre- I have gotten the bow area sorted Andre thanks for wanting to help I am having issues with planking the stern I had removed 4 of the planks on each side plus the cord board shims as well and have started over because they were uneven by a MM or more but I will add a photos to show you or any one that might be interested, also Alan from model space community told that their should be about 8 planks to the false keel, anyway the 1st photo will show the planks are uneven and before removed from stern 2nd photo shows the planks removed, Could you show me or explain how to e
  7. I decided to remove 4 of the stern planks on both sides and will remove the cardboard shims as well and will start over Ronald
  8. thanks I am going to copper the hull may I ask what are planking battens Ronald
  9. Hello there again as you know already from the title I am working on the Model space Victory and have a new problem now when I started planking at the stern I notice the planking is not coming out even with the other side as you see from the photos I have no problem removing a plank or two if it comes to that, since I only added one plank on the left side so far and I even measured the distance from the bend to the edge of the stern which is 40mm from plank # 5, when I add plank #5 to the right side it should be the same distance right, What should I should do to make them even
  10. here is two photos of the bow where I left off same side different shot if you think it would help R
  11. I explained it the best way I know how but I added photos so everyone can chime in if they wish Ronald
  12. yes I have several times but I will continue to watch it again the fellow who is building the model on the video goes a little to fast and doesn't explain stag 36 very well
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