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  1. I'm leaving model railroading, a hobby in which I am very accomplished. Master Model Railroader #354 with hundreds of hours building kits and scratch building. I could have made the same mistake as others but since ship models are absolutely nothing like what I'm used to, I thought better of it! I'm glad I did! My first ship model is the Dallas Revenue Cutter by A. L. I purchased some helpful books and it's going ok but I'm glad I didn't depend on the instructions!!! They only tell you part of the step and the other part is on the plans! The plan drawings don't always match the parts provided in the kit! Some random blocks to carve and "make it look like this". No mention of fairing the keel just the the ribs etc. Before I go farther I'm getting more info to see what other little tricks they've left out. Maybe it's just a rite of passage to belong to the ship modelers club. I have a great respect for those that are successful! Dave
  2. Thanks for posting. I just getting started with the hull on my Dallas. Thanks for the tips and encouragement! Dave
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