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  1. Hi All, Progress has been a bit slow in the shipyard but managed to finish futtock shrouds - it took more time than I anticipated. I am using a thinner rope for the ratlines from futtock shrouds and later for the mid shrouds (right jargon?). Th kit provided ropes are relatively low quality (with much fluffs) and thick for the mid section ratlines anyway.
  2. Hi everyone~ Uploading recent work at the shipyard - blocks for lower mast yards, sheets and yards for the lower mast area, installed additional belaying pins for the sheets. Also, as I am going to use much thinner ropes for ratlines from the mid mast section onwards, I dyed lower mast portion ratlines with black ink (water based) to match the color of the thin rope that I have available for the mid section ratlines.
  3. Hello everyone! Uploading recent updates - mast top related works . Mast top dead eyes were done using serving instead of soldering. Not ideal but wife does not like the smell of soldering. Anyway, mast top works are mostly done except for the rails.
  4. Update from the shipyard - finished shrouds installment and working on the ratlines.
  5. Hi Dave, Thanks very much for your kind comments! I am using 5mm deadeyes for the lower shrouds and will be using 4 mm deadeyes for the upper shrouds. I have visited your build log and it seems that your Endeavor is coming along quite nice and well! I have never had the chance to work on Caldercraft models before, but I had built Artesania Latina Endeavor before. Corel Endeavor kit does not come with any decoration parts for the stern - I had to mold the figures and decorative parts from my Artesania Latina Endeavor. The wood quality and threads seem to be better than Artesania Latina, but overall I realized that Artesania Latina kits have been undervalued by many (including myself). Corel also does not come with any sail plans - once again I am referencing Artesania Latina plans for the sails. Thanks! Rock
  6. I attached and finished the foremast tackles before the shroud installments began in full gear. Foremast deadeye work also finished and beginning work on main mast tackle and shrouds.
  7. I have started the shroud work in earnest, beginning with foremast. Foremast shrouds were served with black thread. It was hard to see the quality of the serving since the shroud lines are also black. So, I switched to greyish tan color for shroud serving.
  8. Hi All, The latest work in the shipyard. The lego serving machine is becoming very useful. The below are the shroud line and foremast tackle related servings before the fuzzy fluffs are removed with lighter.
  9. Oh~ forgot the posting that I uploaded today. The lego serving machine picture was posted 2 weeks ago. Since I did not use serving machine before, I had to improvise and came up with a solution involving lego. Not as nice as many of the expertly made serving machines in MSW, but it is producing quite satisfactory results.
  10. Hi All, I am posting some photos that I have already posted in the Korea Model Sailboat Club since January this year (actual building started in November 2020). this is my second HMS Endeavor and earmarked for a present to my younger sister. I got a lot of help from MSW from various members' build logs, especially Dave Row and Shipaholic (Steve). Of course my build is nowhere near the level of many of the members in MSW. Anyway, I plan to upload my building logs in tandem with my current log in the Korea Model Sailboat Club. I welcome all advise and comments. I may post a lot of queries in this log as well. Rock
  11. Danke fuer das Wllkommen, Marcus! The scale is 1:64 and the reliability of the plan is as good as one can make it given the lack of surviving historical records. Just like you mentioned lots of historical documents did not survive the Korean War and the previous wars. As far as I understand none of the plans (if there were any to begin with) are available at the moment. However, we do have several paintings of the Turtle ship surviving to this day. These pictures combined with the extensive war diary of Admiral Yi, we were able to reconstruct much of its shape and design. There are still couple of conflicting theories on 1) where the turtle head was located, 2) number of decks (2 or 3 decks?), 3) armor plates on top of the cover. Other than these 3 major debate points, I believe the overall design and shape are true to historical accuracy. Rock
  12. Thanks Mark! Yes, I have seen these 2 build logs and I was pleasantly surprised. They were well built and the one that was scratch built by Antony was quite impressive indeed. Rock
  13. Hi Moab, Thanks for the welcome, Unfortunately not as much as I expected.... maybe because it’s a bit small. Hopefully he will like it more later on. Rock
  14. Hi Patrick, Thanks for the warm welcome. I am actually following your Pelican building logs closely as my next project will be Golden Hinde using Aeropiccola plans and scratch built (my first scratch trial). I am learning so much from your logs. So, thank you for that as well! Regards, Rock
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