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  1. Wow! So that explains why I couldn't find much about this ship, haha! I wanted to say thank you all so so much for all of the great info! Seriously, I was hoping for SOMETHING about this ship and ended up with WAY more than I expected. You guys are amazingly knowledgeable! Right now, my time is very limited so I'm gonna put this baby in a dry, cool storage area and once things settle down, I think this would be a cool project to work on with one/all of my kids. Thanks again everyone! I'm happy to be a part of the community and hopefully you'll be hearing from me again soon!
  2. Hi there! So my neighbor recently passed on and he left us this model ship. I realize it's not in great condition, but I don't want an appraisal or anything. I was really just hoping you guys could identify the ship for me? I've searched for what seems like hours and can't even lock down her country of birth. The interesting part, for me anyway, is the dragon figurehead and the two turrets on the stern. She weighs roughly 17 pounds, is ~45" long, deck is ~8" wide and biggest sail is ~20" wide, and ~39" tall. I'm not an expert on models, but used to do some model rockets and some model cars back in my younger years (not that that means I have ANY experience with ships, they seem like a league of their own!) I have been browsing the site and my interest is definitely piqued, but I haven't decided if this restoration is a project worth undertaking. Right now Im just really curious about this ship's origins. So can anyone help me out? Ever seen this one before? ANY info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance for just having an awesome community!
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