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  1. Thanks yves, i have to match with my skills (no forms making, no soldering etc) and machinery (fretsaw, drill).Both of which are somewhat basic. But someday i will upgrade 😎 .
  2. Made a bit of progress, air vent, some more linoleum decking and (almost) finished the boat racks . Just a few details missing which will follow later. happy weekend Sascha
  3. Thanks for the nice words guys. Hi Martin, am trying to copy your technique for the deck (and some others 😬). It is indeed a puzzle, and with a steep learning curve 😎. Also now wrestling with a problem with bridge complex, as the plan i have shows - i think - partly a different ship and then the plan author invented a bit. Photos i have look different. Will keep looking for answers (which is how i came to find this forum).
  4. And that is pretty much the status now. cheers and have a great week sascha
  5. And then the next linoleum puzzle plus breakwater.by way of experiment i wanted to show the hatch in the open position just to see if i can do it.
  6. Then i got distracted a bit and gave my building inspector a new uniform and tried to make a voicepipe from brass
  7. Thanks for your thumbs up gentlemen. Further catch-up. the next pieces were the boat racks (sorry dont know the english word). There‘s quite a few to make and most are slightly different. On top comes the consideration of how/where to attach as the middle section (superstructure deck with funnels 2 and 3) is removable to get some access to rc. I‘ve tried brass and wood and settled for „brass reinforced polystyrene „😎 . Another case of available tools and my skills. The ones toward the bow also had loading cranes for torpedoes but i left those away and only built the mounting for them. This because a) they would have been stored somewhere when sailing and b) they would likely be the first thing to be ripped off when sailing the model.
  8. Agreed valery .. also the frames are 5mm - way too much. But the germans were known for their strong build..😎, seriously: i didnt know better at the time and had the material available. Another thing to improve next time.
  9. Then my first try with making a linoleum flooring. The pieces were max 2x5m and held down with brass pieces. That translates to a puzzle.. (again thanks martin for the tip). then it was time to throw my machinery 😎 at making the portholes. Sometime i‘ll get a power-tool for things like this . Brass tube, then filled with epoxy. Just 120 …took me a while but its a hobby not a job. Oh and yes, (quite) some of them are not aligned. With practice that might improve.
  10. Some more catch-up. The bridge.Windows from old photo etch parts
  11. Thanks for you nice words chris. Next were bulwark, storage containers and the bases for the davits. (mmh text appears again?) struggling a bit with the software i guess. next the first funnel…
  12. Thanks guys - look forward to learn and copy 😎 cheers sascha
  13. Thanks for you nice words chris. Next were bulwark, storage containers and the bases for the davits.
  14. The second try . As its a little known ship, i include a picture of the original. once the hull was done - having built it twice as the first one had a messuring error 🙁 - i started with the superstructure. As you may guess, i did it twice too.. first in aluminium then in wood. Mainly because the area for access to the rc ewuipment is so small, i had to go back to the drawing board. Still not ideal, but now it seems a good combination between access and being water tight. the next big thing was the wooden main deck which is made from pear (?) 1.5mmx50mm planks. That took a while but i am happy with the result. So here next try with pictures, hopefully right way up. cheers sascha
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