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  1. That looks amazing mate, it looks identical to them all and flows seamlessly into the tail peice.
  2. Hi everyone, I've been doing some researching and digging around for the availability of the Olympias plans as well as the availability of the Trureme Trust. I had contacted Boris Rankov which is highly involved in the Olympias and this is what he had to say... "I’m afraid the The Trireme Trust was wound up in 2019 and no longer exists. Together with the whole of the Trireme Trust’s archive, the plans by John Coates have been lodged with the archivist at Wolfson College, Cambridge (archivist@wolfson.cam.ac.uk) who now administers the provision of plans and photographs, as well as copyright issues, on behalf of the College and the Coates family."
  3. I have no idea what I have done, but when posting my album yesterday, I had managed to make duplicate albums without any photos in them. Is there a way to delete these, I cant find a way.
  4. I took down the photos of my model on this thread and have posted them up in a gallery on my profile. I have some more detailed and up close shots of my project currently for my highschool woodwork major project.
  5. High school woodwork major project of a 1/42 ancient Greek Trireme with close reference to the Trieres Olympias ship and credit to John Andela from http://www.ageofsail.net/trireme5.asp for providing plans of his model to reference off. Patrenis is named after the two migrant ships, Patris and Ellenis that my grandparents from Greece arrived in to Australia in the 1960s. She is the first model I have built and the first of more to come.
  6. Oh really, I got that same automated reply and I contacted them only a few days ago.
  7. Hi everyone, is there anyway that you know how to find the plans that Richard had posted sections of, with such a high resolution. I would like a collection of these plans at high res as I am planning a miniature model of around 1/28 or 1/192 scale of the Olympias.
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