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  1. Also ordered some rope from syren models,darn if i could get the kits rope to go though those tiny holes.doug
  2. Ps my picture taking is just awfull.need acouple more coats of paint.can anyone see anything wrong.one of my seats is crooked i see.doug
  3. Had day off today,model is going together very nice.had to redo transom.i messed it up.should have painted before adding the seats
  4. Uggh,work and kids afterschool stuff been takingup my hobby.havent been able to do anything.sorry folks
  5. Not sure if i can ask this or not but which company makes the most complete kits and instructions.ty doug
  6. Looks very nice so far,big task for a first build but your doing great.waiting for my first kit to come.not as big as yours.its the dory from model shipways.doug
  7. Not i can do a log like some the guys here,mostly i will follow the kits steps and take pics of each step as i go.
  8. Ty,you all seem like nice folks,my kits and tools should be here next week.droool
  9. Well allen all good advice except for one thing,iam a vikings fan skol.😁😁😁
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