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  1. Shaped them roughly and gav them a brown wash, then some rust diluted in vinegar. The last picture shows the real one and what look I aim for.
  2. Started work on the bollards. They are bolted to the deck and will be set with epoxy when ready. Washers are glued to the under side of the deck.
  3. Some time ago I started on the catheads. It is now time to finish them. The bollards, bow spit (?) and catheads need to be mounted before I fit the fore end of the railings.
  4. I glued the hands on my watchman as well. Some washes and touch-ups here and there and he is done.
  5. The kit instructions propose to glue the window panes from the inside. That looks like a doll-house solution to me so I made ledges for the glass on the outside wihch are covered by the brass frames.
  6. Railings all glued, now some varnish and then the long dreaded operation; painting plastic parts to make them look like the wood😫
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