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  1. Hi Clark, Corel plan is correct. This is how the oars were fitted In this kind of rowing (scaloccio) the oar is a second order lever whose fulcrum is at one end in the water and the oralock only does the point of resistence. The force applied by the oar against the water causes the oarlock/boat to move. Gimo
  2. Wow, the way you recovered the "canopy" is beyon any expectation. Must have taken everything apart! The final result is amazing especially with these two decorative wood arts Cheers Gimo
  3. Sorry Frank, I misleaded you with my wrong wording, however you've got my point cheers Gimo
  4. Hi Frank, I noticed that the first two arches indent slightly on the left side and this makes the longitudinal axes inflected. I remember I glued two thick (white) stripes on each side of the centerline as guides and "shape constraint", then I traced/cut each arc a little longer and patiently smoothed the ends as needed. I am somewhat embarrassed to put this in sight but your fantastic model does not deserve such dystonia. Gimo
  5. La Reale is at my daughter's house now, the same exact of my last post. Cheers Gimo
  6. Hi Kikatinalong, as your first build you did an excellent job, I suppose this is the first of two overlapped planking so, make sure that each stripe follows its natural course. I see two stripes moving away from their bulkheads in the aft (due to lateral tension) Try to direct the strips towards the upper part of the stern cheers Gimo
  7. Frank, your decorative stripe is very close to absolute perfection.😉 Cheers Gimo
  8. Hi Frank, with my model built on 2013 I also have no memory of particular mistakes on the plan, but honestly I did not always follow the Instructions. Have a look at my log into the signature, I hope you can find something useful for your good work. Cheers Gimo
  9. End of log. The base was quickly done from a picture frame. The barrels and the anchor were taken from an old kit. Cheers Gimo
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