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  1. I' am just saying THANK YOU, THANK YOU A LOT. I will definitely start with a first book " The Persians" and will continue with "A history of Greece" and will follow the reading path these two books will make for me.. I am all set for long winter 🙂 Now i remember while in highschool, the mandatory reading was Odyssey and Iliad. Now just need to find those books and to refresh my memory. Time permitting will also make another Greek ship and these two books about trireme will be on my shelves, for sure.. Again, i much appreciate your time and effort you have put in this reading suggestions. I based all my figures on this design i located on the net:
  2. Thanks for your comments. If this will not cause you too much of a trouble, i would definitely not mind getting a hand of your wall of resources. And will very much appreciate it.. I might just stick with Lambda design as all these above are be a bit too hard to reproduce unless i find a way to resize it and print on correct paper. But i will definitely save it for future references. Thanks again..
  3. Much appreciated all your comments; keep them coming. That is very interesting part of world history, most of the time not covered correctly, depending on history writer... Do you mind sharing some resource info about shield designs? I still have several uncompleted figures i can paint in different design that overall makes sense. And still have some space on the vessel for them...
  4. Hi Nikiforos, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately there was no way for me to find correct soldiers for my ship so i ended up with a bit of a mess between warriors and ship origins but hopefully not too far apart. These little dudes are very hard to find anywhere on the net; if you know better place to get correct warriors for the ship pls let me know.... I will replace them gladly... The rest of them are making me a company on my current build - Sultana... Definitely a not historically correct match 🙂... Thanks for following, Cheers,
  5. The topping lift was next. First i seized a 3mm single block to the end of not that long black rigging line. I am running out of this rigging line so have to plan every single cm... The place where i purchased these from are not making them in black anymore. The other end of the rope was seized to the eye bolt on the cap. The length of the topping lift was adjusted according to the plan and it should be app 4cm from the boom. The tackle for the topping lift was rigged with tan rigging line (.008). After running the rope end thru the boom it was belayed to the cleat on the boom. The complete assembly included a rope coil.. The running end was belayed to the pin on the double block which was seized to the traveler. It took me some time to do this task as the work area is not that generous in space but freezing the end of the rope and use of the small tweezers did the trick. The small rope coil was hung on the pin after all is assembled. Then the footrope was attacked. I was not able to tight the knots on the same distance apart so i decided to use a smaller rope diameter to make knots. The footrope was stretched to make knotting job a bit easier. End i noticed that tomorrow is a working day so had to stop this exercise... More to come.. Happy modeling.
  6. Almost there, almost there.. The challenge will be what next.. Thank you, appreciated. Cheers
  7. Hello vaddoc, thanks. I have a handful of broken bits waiting for some other usage than drilling 🙂 Appreciated.
  8. I put myself on their email list so i can get their flyers.. Appreciated. Cheers
  9. Hi John, Appreciated your assistance; i am located in Vancouver BC so will definitely take advantage of this site.. Yes, Amazon is good place to buy but as you said there are different quality products they are selling. Thanks again.
  10. Hello, can anyone suggest a good place where i can get a mini drill bits in bulk, not sets? For example where can i get a 15 pieces of 0.3mm, 10 pieces of 0.4mm and 20 pieces of 0.5mm bits? I dont want to buy a sets, just individual sizes. I have researched a bit online but not quite useful results showed up (or maybe i dont use correct terms).. Appreciate assistance..

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