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  1. A bit more work completed.. Had to replace some ropes as i did not like the way the looked... Happy modelling..
  2. The small block has to be removed, sanded and rope grove has to be filled.. The end results: Happy modelling...
  3. Rigging of mainmast stays continues by replacing blocks; it turned out that blocks were not positioned correctly so need to change this.. New blocks.. ..in building process.. Once in place, the rigging can continue... Testing the distance.. Happy modelling..
  4. Continue with rigging... Getting ready for a mouse... Starting making a mouse.. Once mouse is done, it was soaked in the glue to help with a form... and left to dry.. Happy modelling...
  5. I believe it is not but i strongly suggest Phoenix as your next build. Very good kit quality and tons of room for customization.. I also have Syren on the shelf waiting for some other inspiration. Cheers
  6. Work on mainmast rigging continues.... with few corrections on the mainmast itself... Happy modelling..
  7. The foremast rigging has been completed, at least for now... And the mainmast has been positioned... Making sure it stays up.. Happy modelling..
  8. I was distracted by perfect workmanship and maybe missed somewhere the scale; could you pls let me know the dimensions of this fine model?
  9. Perfect work, excellent. Could you pls let us know what tool(s) and what method are you using to carve such a beautiful carvings?
  10. The futtock shrouds are done next. Here is a brief process. For seizing i used few lines from unwoven thread. The futtock shrouds are turned around the futtock stave and seized to the shrouds in three places. Fore and main topmast shrouds are installed next. Happy modelling..
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