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  1. I will be putting a few wooldings, 7-8 on each masts, 4 wraps each, with 0.4mm rope diameter. I marked the distance with a masking tape.. I dropped a small amount of the glue on the starting point, hold the rope few seconds and then start wrapping. For wrapping purpose i put a small weight on the opposite end of the rope and start twisting the mast. The weight will keep the rope straight and twisting the mast controls the position of the wrapped rope... The end result... The rope ends can be cut in an angle or
  2. The yards, crosstrees and mastcaps are painted in black... i did not have to pay too much attention to crosstrees (and that area) if they will get a black colour but it is a good exercise to make sure all details are taken care off.. and if i changed my mind regarding colour, it is ready for further steps.. Happy modelling...
  3. The boom has been completed. Here is the process.. Faking the sheave again... must be very good for the whole year so Santa can bring me a mini metal lathe... Metal bands are simulated with a paper coloured in black and sliced in tiny strips. Then wrapped around the area and glued.. Appears to be very effective at the end.. Happy modelling..
  4. Started the work on the boom.. by shaping it to the correct width and shape... Still a bit more work but very close to the end result... The boom' jaws were assembled after the correct boom end was shaped with sand paper. I used carpenter's glue for this process just to make sure any hole between boom and jaw were filled. Happy modelling..
  5. Masts have been assembled in full... Lots of sanding, testing, i also had to make a new cap as i damaged the original one... Now, another layer of danish oil and it is ready for next steps... Happy modelling...
  6. Achtkants were shaped and mounted on the topgallants and topmasts. This work took a while since the inside opening has to be carefully widened so it still has a bit of a wood left and at the same time, the hole is wide enough so it can slide down fairly easily, without breakage. Easily said then done, one of the achtkants broke and i had to fix it on the topgallant. You can see the small chip missing on the left one. Then i start assembling the foremast... and completed.. ready for a layer of danish oil. Happy mod
  7. Fore/main topmast and fore/main topgallant are tapered on the mini wood lathe.. Acorns for topgallant were prepared next; it just need a hole to be widened a bit. Main mast was tapered to required shape as well.. The top part was cut in square shape and tested with cap.. Then i was installing mast cleats. It is a bit challenging to get them in correct position... ... but managed to get it correct. Holes were drilled and cleat with a piece of wire inserted into mast.. a bit of a glue was dropped to fill the gaps bet
  8. Work on topmasts (and parts of it) continues, drilling the hole for a fid and inserting it in.. The crosstrees are build next. I decided to do the work of building the other topmast parts, getting them ready for assembly. I made two extra holes on trestle-trees (towards the back) that will be filled.. For drilling the hole, in this case 0.6mm, i used a new set of bits that Santa brought to me.. Happy modelling...
  9. Lets put some cleats on mast... Piece of scotch tape was used to mark the location of cleats, easier to remove it after and dont have to worry about cleaning the marks afterwards... The wire in the cleats have to be shortened a bit since wires might be preventing each other from penetrating the wood, as they supposed to be the the same line.. a bit of a glue in a drilled hole and slight push works well... Then i started to work on topmasts... shaping with a sandpaper and using my wood lathe.. Dry fit testing...
  10. All parts are lightly sanded and ends were rounded, required holes are drilled with 0.6mm bit... I also inserted all eyebolts. In this case i used eyebolts provided with the kit. At this size they will not be that visible, particularly once blackened and hidden by other mast parts. You can insert them before or after you glue all parts but it is easier while all parts are easy to reach... Cross-trees are glued inside with a CA glue. Shroud supports are glued and sanded to correct shape. Then i started to tapper mast with just a sandpaper.. The top has to
  11. The jib traveller was made out of a piece of wire, 0.6mm in diameter. Twist, cut, solder, blackening and done. Then i marked all masts and yards as per plan. Started to build the trestle-tree, first by removing laser burns... Now it is time to start preparing for a New Year... Wish you all the best in the New Year with hopes we can go back travelling in a big way. Cheers and take care... See you in 2021..
  12. The fake shives are in place, made of wire piece, twisted around the template and glued in place.. Jib boom was glued to the bowsprit and 4mm rope was used to fasten the jib boom' heel... Blocks and thimbles will be installed later.. The masts are next... woohoo Happy modelling...
  13. I have decided to replace the martingale boom with a new one. The holes were not at the right distance... Same process, shaping it, drill the hole, etc... Mounted on the boom and started to make the holds for jack staff.. Kind of a double wire hooks, interesting.. Here i am using a template to wrap the wire around.. Then just a layer of mat black colour... Happy modelling..
  14. Getting ready to drill two holes in martingale boom..... 4mm wire was used to hold it in place... I drop a bit of a glue on the boom to keep it in place while tightening the wire.. The jack staff was made out of a toothpick.. The top part (here marked as V4) was made using a piece of wood, shaping it while in rotary tool (poor-man lathe). The part originally in the kit, was lost... All parts are stained...
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