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  1. For an interesting shape/finish try using a Beer bottle cap.
  2. Just a off topic related remark. Remember when a lot of us drank water from a old rubber garden hose....Now it would be a tragedy and might enlist a visit from the green police. I still use all of the old model paints when I can find them and I am 77 1/2. Ed K
  3. Vigorously shaken and inverted "weekly" will help enormously.
  4. You will always be ahead with fly tying stuff,and yes I also fly tie and fish.
  5. With all the small saw mills in N C it is a gold mine for wood, I had great luck asking for cast off's struck a huge load of HOLLY when I lived in Maggie Valley
  6. Potassium Permanganate in the crystal form is a strong oxidizer that the movie industry uses on props to age the look of wood and rope. Use roughly a teaspoon full in about a cup of water and mix WELL. It will be purple but when applied will turn brown. Wear rubber gloves as the stain is very hard to remove from your hands. DO NOT overlap and allow 24 hrs. to dry. It can be ordered from your pharmacy. If used on wood buff with 0000 steel wool.
  7. Will be watching, take it like eating a GATOR one bite at a time. Sculpy will be your friend for more then just cushions bowls , plates and more Be creative. Best of all for your project.
  8. I was introduced to the use of glass as a wood scraper by a master craftsman at Wurlitzer's music instrument repair shop in Buffalo New York over 50 years ago and still have all my fingers.
  9. I soak thin doweling in Minwax Wood Hardener.
  10. While I have not used any I was told that wood seasoned at the bottom of fresh water for many years is the way to go. By the way, the bottom of the Great Lakes is a gold mine with such wood. The individual who informed me of such season wood was a craftsman for a high end bamboo fly mfg. that used such wood for their high end fly rod handles from their own creek.
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