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  1. See above- done not by me, but someone with alien powers over the metal.
  2. ?? I've filled ugly gaps and even created fillets with true silver solder. Biggest problem for me has been the amount of heat required for even "easy" grade silver solder- it totally anneals any brass I'm using. I do most all work now with Stay-Brite low content silver solder and flux.
  3. 53 pages... sigh, just have to go through them! The M1Ax was an obsession of mine for a while... had a lot of info, but I needed to crawl on one to get more. Had an appointment to do just that on the display unit parked in front of TACOM Sterling Heights (MI), behind their secure fence, just up the road from GDLS. The appointment was on 9/12/2001. Did not happen- there was much else on everyone's minds. While I focus on boats today, I do have one HL 1:16 model in a box, and a 21st Century 1:9 corpse in a crate... someday...
  4. Hmm, in another forum, I see that Steinhagen stopped producing their hulls last year. No idea about the plans. But again, try asking on the German forum- no worries, their English is better than mine!
  5. I believe Steinhagen is active. https://www.steinhagen-modelltechnik.de/htm/igl-capsandiego.htm You can also ask on the German RC model sites, like: https://www.schiffsmodell.net/
  6. Barry- would love to see more of your M1 (?) !
  7. As above- may not be the BEST wood choice, but I used cherry, as with the rest of the cabin. Added the brass reinforcing straps and mounting hardware, and now I can display the outriggers up or down. BTW, that was a whole 'nuther detective job, figuring out how Hemingway rigged the outriggers... not obvious from available photos.
  8. The real art is in the original 3d sculpting, from a digital ball of clay, a figure that not only looks realistic but is recognizably a historical figure. I know a fellow in Spain who can do that- here's "Papa" Hemingway in 1:12 scale. .
  9. Yes, this site remains "sticks & strings" even though it aspires to be all-inclusive. Most of those modelers wouldn't even bother with this dim corner of the site.
  10. I have a 350 model and previously a 144 model... post a nice image of your parts tree, we can proffer anything from sage advice to wild @ss guesses!
  11. Just saw this build for the first time- excellent. Do I see some of my 3D printed parts in there? You've taken them far beyond the rough parts I designed!
  12. Tip: Polish the stainless before cutting strips...
  13. Cabin is constructed of ply and basswood, with all exposed wood done in cherry. The real boat appears to have been built with mahogany, but I find that cherry "works" better, and has a better scale grain appearance. The sides are built up as a 3d jigsaw puzzle, as many as 3 layers deep. They hang down straight like a curtain from the deck intersection, but angle inwards at 2° from that line up, while also following the sheer... a bit tricky. The cabin roofs are covered with shirt cloth to simulate canvas. The cloth is secured with water based polyurethane, painted, and clear coated. The weav
  14. The most important part of the boat- the fighting chair. Brass parts aged in vinegar. The figures were masterfully sculpted digitally and 3d printed by Luis Hidalgo, aka "Holden8702", of Spain. .
  15. Source material: Many many photos, both historical and from tourists to Finca Vigia. Many of these nice folks post high resolution images on Flickr and elsewhere- very helpful, thanks! There's also one page from a Wheeler brochure showing the profile, but with a somewhat different cabin... still helpful for working out basic dimensions. The grandson of Wheeler went to Cuba and measured Pilar in order to develop a modern take on the boat. But he won't share, I tried. And yes I know about the several fake Pilars, none are useful for determining original features.
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