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  1. Nice job Ian. Perhaps my build log is interesting for you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoA9Op0C9N0 Cheers Lin Feng
  2. I bought the flags from this german supplier. http://www.schiffsmodellflaggen.de/english/english.html Very good quality.
  3. Power and the Glory: The Sculpture of the Warship Wasahttp://www.amazon.com/Power-Glory-Sculpture-Warship-Wasa/dp/9174022369
  4. I did it also the easy way and ordered the flags from http://www.schiffsmodellflaggen.de/english/Catalog/catalog.html also printed double sided.
  5. Thanks Mark, but yours looks better. All others thanks for the likes Cheers Lin Feng
  6. Some progress. Installed the gun barrels and the rudder blade Painted some sculptures and placed them in position. Painted the hull with "Danish OIL" Cheers Lin Feng
  7. Looks very nice. Maybe I missed something from your build log, how did you manage the problem with the chain plates? because in my Sergal-kit they are too short. Best regards Lin Feng
  8. Hi Matti, fantastic job, I also admire your scratch build cannon barrels. My Sergal kit contains only one size of 43 mm long barrels for the upper decks. I want to try if I can also build the longer and thinner barrels, as you made it. Do you have any measurements of this barrel in relation to the other cannons on the upper decks. Cheers Lin Feng
  9. Some progress. Plywood parts of the kit which will be seen after assembling are made new with pear wood. Cheers Lin Feng
  10. Congratulation to your new toy. Hi Michael, I made it the same way, but I think you mean the "Channels", chain plates are different things. Cheers Lin Feng
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