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  1. Hola SimonV , deseo comprar un libro de la belle , gracias por tu atención 

  2. Royal George ... Can I already pay an advance 🙂. This one is defenitely on my shopping list (price does not matter).
  3. Thank you James . I actually used some of materials from my Brig Mercury build- Boxwood and Macassar Ebony. Others are Padouk, Amazaque and Mexican Bocote.
  4. Hello everyone, I don't know if this count as "modeling", but I gathered metal and woodworking skills and start working on jewelry made from precious metals and exotic hardwoods (beside ship modeling). Here and there manage to sell some of them I hope you like it.
  5. Yes, It is very useful machine. But need to sell it because of the move to new apartment and also do most of my work in small CNC .
  6. Hello, For sale : -Proxxon MF70 -Proxxon 24264 Dividing Attachment for MF 70 MF70 is very little used and well maintained, like new. Dividing Attachment is NEW, never used. Price: 250 EUR + shipping costs Please contact me for detailed information.
  7. Hello, I have to sell some of my books because of the move. Please Contact me for shipping costs or if you need more information. The Marine Art of Geoff Hunt (NEW) - 20 EUR Arming and Fitting of English Ships of War, 1600-1815 - 65 EUR The Construction and Fitting of the Sailing Man of War 1650-1850 - 65 EUR The Art of Shipmodeling - Bernard Frolich (NEW) - 70 EUR LA BELLE-POULE - Frégate - 1765 (NEW)- 85 EUR The Ship of the Line (History in Ship Models) by Brian Lavery - 25 EUR The Sailing Frigate: A History in Ship Models - 25 EUR Ship Models (The Thomson Collection at the Art Gallery of Ontario) - 10 EUR Ship Modeling from Stem to Stern - 8 EUR Ship Modeling Simplified - 8 EUR Naval Warfare : An Illustrated History - 12 EUR Architectura Navalis Mercatoria - 10 EUR The Period Ship Handbook - 8 EUR The Period Ship Handbook 2 - 8 EUR The New Period Ship Handbook - 15 EUR Le gréement des navires anciens (1700-1850)- 15 EUR
  8. Thank you. Regarding perfect accuracy when flipping the stock over. Base material is milled to accurate block and XYZ datum is same for both sides of milling. Before flipping stock over small pocket was milled to machine table (wooden part) which assure perfect alignment. Machine is better version of 3020 model with some modifications for higher accuracy, but still bellow 1000 EUR. If you have any questions I will try to answer you, no problems. Thank you Heinz for nice words. Still learning but I am confident enough to do some work for others.
  9. Thank you. Will think about business , but need customers first Thank you. If you look at my first post there was no planning for CNC...a Few years later 4 axis is no problem. I started with simple 2D stuff and slowly progress to 3D.... If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to ask. Thanks Vene, I am glad you like it .
  10. After several attempts this is final result directly from the machine. Still need to do some fine polishing and corrections on parts and also redo the "scepter" due to small damage on part.
  11. Due to the small size of figure I decided to "break it down" to subassemblies. Will post some progress of actual machining...
  12. I must say that it is a true pleasure to follow your work Chris. Really high standards. All of the kits looks beautiful, but will wait for a frigate (my dream is still Bellona), because I still have a lot of work to do with the brig Mercury. Keep up good work!
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