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  1. Deck is finished. For surface finishing I choose Shellac instead oil, because I really like warmer tone and also try to implement different finishes and techniques into model. 4 layers of shellac was used. Difference to kit deck is obvious (last photo) .
  2. I heard for this a year ago and immediately know I need to build it when available (Titanic fan from childhood) . Release date is planned for June 2019. For detailed photos please look here: https://www.world-in-scale.de/gallery/ships/1-200-rms-titanic-by-trumpeter/
  3. Planking is finished . Everything is still in rough shape and need final sanding.
  4. Great progress on beautiful ship Max. I followed all your previous builds with great interest, following this one with pleasure :). Keep up good work!
  5. Slow but steady progress on planking. At first, I was in doubt and fear about how to carry out this process, but I must say that I enjoy it very much .
  6. Thank you captain_hook . Regarding transferring print to plywood. Mirror image of Plan was printed with laser printer on regular paper. Paper is then placed on plywood sheet (print side facing downwards). For transfer I use acetone and soft cloth, carefully rub around the entire surface. I found it is best to use fresh print and generous amount of acetone (ventilation is desirable due to poisonous vapors). I hope this helps. If you have additional questions, please feel free to ask.
  7. Thank you Jason , and others for likes. Very appreciate it . Regarding planking. Each plank is made individually to achieve difference in tone and grain direction. Due to this I prepared short sheets of castello boxwood instead of one single long piece. It is time consuming work but I think it is worth it.
  8. Stunning work Jason! I really like your attention to details. Not to mention how good she looks fully armed !
  9. I draw all deck planking in CAD form. After several changes to achieve best fit to hull shape, 1:1 scale drawing was transferred to 0,6mm plywood. This is base for final planking.
  10. I started working on the deck. Contrary to my initial planning (simplified straight planking pattern), I will stick to original plans.
  11. Finished rudder section . There is a color difference because Hull is not oiled yet. I also added Fish plate.
  12. I do some plastic modeling beside wooden ship models and here are some finished projects for my personal collection .
  13. Manufacturing nails/rivets for rudder hinges. Base material is 0,3mm diameter copper wire and could not achieve to produce head bigger than 0,4mm, which is dimension of holes on hinges (learned for next time to use same dia. holes as material or max. 0,05mm bigger). I tried with knurling tool and cutting with kitchen knife as some Russian modelers do, all without success. Finally I came to idea shown on pictures below. It is slow process, but manage to produce usable nails.

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