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  1. Can you just double plank rather than try to make room for a third planking? Bob
  2. Hello my friend. I see that you are a person of perfection but don't be discouraged rather be persistent. I also see that the Harvey, with some minor scantling changes may be converted to the HMS Mosquidobit, formerly the Lynx an American privateer of the war of 1812 captured by the British. The Mosquidobit was sent to England and her lines were taken off and a draught was made in May of 1816. Her dimensions were lenght on the deck was 94 ft 7 inches. Length of the keel for tonnage was 73 ft 1.24 inches. Extreme breadth was 24 ft and moulded breath was 23 ft 8 inches. The depth in the hold was 10 ft 3 inches. Burthen in tonnage was 223. I understand that this is a lot of information but I just wanted to show that a conversion to an actual ship is possible here. Just a thought my friend. Very good luck to you. -Bob-
  3. Hi Sam You mentioned "under development again." At what scale? 1/48 scale, if a consideration, would be big but just beautiful. Bob
  4. Always love to see your posting Joe...learned so much from you. I love the additional of the dory. A simple craft but so beautifully constructed. You have to appreciate the 1/48th scale. Nicely done Joe. Bob
  5. Tom The scale of 1/48 is perfect for your models. I believe most people would find it difficult to accommodate finished models of 1/36th scale in their homes. I also wish you very good luck with your company. Bob
  6. What an impressive collection of Wingnut Wings. Clearly, you know your hobby very well. Bob
  7. Simply beautiful and at 1/48th scale. The detail will be so nice I'm sure. Bob
  8. Dan You have been such an excellent friend to all on this forum. I wish you peace and a release from your pain. My very best wishes to you. Bob
  9. Beautiful work from you Joe as usual. I've had this kit in the closet for some time now...I think you have inspired me to open the box and follow along with you. Always a pleasure and a learning experience to read your updates on the forum. Keep it going. Bob
  10. I agree with Ed... and prefer 1/48th scale because of the detail and ease of working the larger scale. I also have some panart and model shipways 1/16th boat models for the same reason. Of course, as always noted in discussions about scale, size is always a concern.
  11. The reason why I endorse 1/48 scale products is the creative ability to effect greater detail subjectivity in the kit through research. The larger scale allows greater detail. Of course, with the detriment for some builders of greater size. I have yet to see great detail in 1/64 scale products versus, for example, the 1/48 scale cutter cheerful by chuck passaro as an example. I would rather see a reversion to 1/48 scale as in the old admarilty models of old rather than 1/64 scale products simply because of size and price. I also am an advocate of building in one or two scales as a matter of choice for multiple reasons. My respects to all. bob
  12. His dismay may be in the lack of scale diversity. Twenty kits allows a nice selection to choose from. However, virtually all of the kits are in 1/64 scale? Why not some 1/48 scale products? Since they haven't offered any new kits in years, I doubt that we'll see any 1/48 scale kits in the near future. Very disappointing. bob
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