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  1. I am not worthy to comment on THAT. Thatswhy I brought my bro: HOLY CHRIST! What a beautiful work!
  2. Johann, it has been said here and elsewhere already very often. The way you are planning your work, the way you are performing it and especially the way you are able to reflect yourself and change things if necessary is simply astonishing. If you were a bridge builder, a car constructor, a rocket scientist: Be sure I would love to jump on your bridge, perform a speed run in your car and fly to Mars in your space ship. I dare to say: You are a shining example of German engineering. It is a pleasure to watch your build log and especially its constancy over the years. Thank you for posting it her
  3. Your Dad must be a great man that he raised such a daughter. How nice that it now pays off for him and you are helping him with his hobby. I am sure he appreciates to see his ship finishing. Keep on the good work! Grüße aus Heidelberg! Harry
  4. "Flying Cloud: The True Story of America's Most Famous Clipper Ship and the Woman who Guided Her" by David W. Shaw Interisting read with many explanations about the weather and the course. I ordered mine at Amazon.
  5. "Harry, can I look at the photos of your model of Endeavour?" You can find some in my gallery here in MSW. Just follow the links to my gallery in my profile. Thanks for your interest!
  6. Hello Igor, my dear friend. Your Endeavour came out fantastic, much nicer than mine with all that details and the clean work. Only the stern is a little bit too "round and bulky" for my taste. When I built mine I used the same plans you did which aren`t the clearest. I tried to make the hull in "plank on frame technic" which was a real thrill in that scale of 1:500. Looking forward to see yours bottled. Have a nice day. Harry
  7. Your build reminds me of this song from the musical "War of the worlds": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brvzh9c5w98 The battleship "Thunderchild" tries to stop the Marsian invaders. Your build is great. Looking forward to see the whole ship when its ready.
  8. Hello Nenad, yes I would...... if there would be a log. I didn`t start a build log yet because my building time is very limited at the moment. The Flying Cloud hull is waiting patiently in the shelf, some deck furniture is finished but thats it. Due to 2 ill family members and lots of work my building progress is so small that it would be boring to start a log at the moment. I hope better times will come and then I will post the pictures I already took and hopefully many new then. So far I enjoy your (and others) logs and be happy with your results. Keep up the work!
  9. THIS is gonna be a very natural model. The details all look very realistic. your cleaning job really did it. Congratulations and lots of power to complete it in this style. LIKE!
  10. A cross section of the mast frame inside the cork would be great! Whatever, this is gonna be your best ship Igor. A real beauty!
  11. When you are browsing through model forums and you think you have seen it all......then this happens. Extraordinary!
  12. Hello Rob, I just found your build log after reading your post in the "Flying Cloud Figure Head" thread. It is wonderful to see someone following the same strategies in building one of the famous clipper ships and the brilliant outcome. Your build looks wonderful, full of life and very well researched. Plus I am happy that you chose the same way of building her like I did. For my build of the Flying Cloud I used the hull halfs of an old Heller Kit in 1:200 scale. I made some modifications on it like changing the keel, planking the ebony wood part with ebony veneer stripes and the copper part
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