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  1. The Diana is most definitely one of the most beautiful kit out there. You really are doing it justice
  2. Some updates after months of being MIA! The whole artillery is now done, I will now move on to rigging the guns. Should be a blast. Best, Tom
  3. Project is not dead, I am still building the carriages. Life has a bad habit of getting in the way of me working on my Jalouse...
  4. No I did not clean the plates, I wanted them to turn green/brownish. I actually used to run my hand on the plating a lot to make sure it would aged faster. I have never really liked the shiny copper plating, just seems weird to me for some reason.
  5. Glad to hear more people are building the Jalouse. Such a nice model! Let me know if you have any questions and things
  6. The gun tackles are a bit problematic, I cannot seem to find the right tension and then there is the serious issue of making a proper rope coil at the end.
  7. Jalouse is not dead, I have just been on a research trip in France for my job! I finished the coppering which is now looking nice and green. The patina is really growing on me. Started the deck fittings, my favourite part of the model. If anyone has a trick to rig guns fully without losing their mind, let me know...
  8. Mate, your Jalouse is looking splendid. The white below is very nice looking indeed!
  9. The beauty of being on a holiday... I think future ships will also not be coppered I find it excruciatingly annoying and rather unpleasant for the overall aspect of the ship
  10. Thank you all for the encouragements! Coppering is definitely not my strong suit nor my favourite part of the build but still going steadily.
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