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  1. Glad to hear more people are building the Jalouse. Such a nice model! Let me know if you have any questions and things
  2. The gun tackles are a bit problematic, I cannot seem to find the right tension and then there is the serious issue of making a proper rope coil at the end.
  3. Jalouse is not dead, I have just been on a research trip in France for my job! I finished the coppering which is now looking nice and green. The patina is really growing on me. Started the deck fittings, my favourite part of the model. If anyone has a trick to rig guns fully without losing their mind, let me know...
  4. Mate, your Jalouse is looking splendid. The white below is very nice looking indeed!
  5. The beauty of being on a holiday... I think future ships will also not be coppered I find it excruciatingly annoying and rather unpleasant for the overall aspect of the ship
  6. Thank you all for the encouragements! Coppering is definitely not my strong suit nor my favourite part of the build but still going steadily.
  7. I am really confused as to why no one ever did a log on this ship. Beautiful lines and perfect for a second/third model.
  8. A few pictures of the progress made in the last few days. For the first time in my life, I have to admit myself rather disappointed by the quality of wood Caldercraft provided. The stuff for the deck was really poorly cut, with the width of it being anywhere from 2mm to 4mm. The model is still looking nice though!
  9. Pictures are now working, sorry again for the mix up! Hope you guys enjoy this, Jalouse is a great model.
  10. (Sorry for the mix up, I put it in the wrong category by mistake!) As the lockdown continues here in the UK, I have been steadily working on my Jalouse. Just finished the Ballahoo a few weeks back. Here are some pictures of both. I do hope this log can help future builders of the Jalouse as there seems to be no logs at all on this beautiful ship. Cheers, Tom Here is Ballahoo and the beginning of Jalouse:
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