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  1. Hi there I’ve come back to the thread very late! glad you got your gearing problems sorted. Jim
  2. Hi The mounting posts are these: https://www.cornwallmodelboats.co.uk/cgi-bin/sh000001.pl?WD=mounting&PN=Artesania-Latina-Bronze-Finish-Mounting-Column-34mm-AL8816.html#SID=1856 I used one of these and another shorter one. Both at Cornwall Model Boats. Hope that helps.
  3. Hello there! I haven’t been on in quite some time! You’ve picked a great model as a novice. Snake was my first build started. You are correct that I haven’t yet finished but don’t let it worry you, life simply got in the way. I moved to a new house and didn’t have a work area set aside and then my son was born a little over two years ago so finding model time has been very hard! Any questions just ask and I’ll try to help. Noticed Beef has commented as well and he is an excellent modeller. All the best! Jim
  4. You never know. Once I’ve finished the garden I might even have time to finish my ships off.....
  5. Maintenance items to be added...! Small pond, waterfall and bog area to finish off at the bottom, and to the right of the lawn along the fence is a long raised planter. Hoping to plant some trained fruit trees along there, with some herbs and veg etc.
  6. And here’s a three year before, during and after...
  7. Woohoo! We now have a lawn! Spent three weeks digging up the ground and removing rubble, random plastic sheets and all sorts of detritus. Added close to a couple of tonnes of topsoil and then laid turf. Garden no longer looks like a nuclear test site!
  8. And now onto an exciting part of the garden; adding the decking and pergola, which was a great 40th present from my mum! Built a decking frame from joists. Measured up and dug four deep holes to anchor the pergola and then up it went. Then concreted in place and bolted to the frame. Finally, fitted and screwed down the decking. Made more of a chore by the poor quality control on the length of the deck planks, with 80% needing to be trimmed down. All oiled up and furniture added and we’ll modelled by the admiral and cabin boy.
  9. Finished the wall upto it’s final height and then added in a little “planter box” in the angle formed by the steps. Planted a baby Japanese Acer which should eventually fill out nicely.
  10. Time for some updates! Sleeper wall has been extended up the garden to form the boundary of the new pathway from the house down to the bottom of the garden. Patio was extended slightly to square the lawn slightly better and give a nice flush finish to the sleepers.
  11. Well lots of work done in the garden. I’ll have to update the garden build log! However this little legend is going from strength to strength and you would never know he was almost two months premature.
  12. Hi there, Only just seen your message on my build log. I think jwvolz is about right. I didn’t add any eyebolts to the deck around the mizzen. Ill take a closer look tomorrow evening when I’m home from work and confirm the rigging layout.
  13. Standard caldercraft as I’m still working on finishing the Snake build. The Hood has been parked for the moment.
  14. With the munchkin in tow we had family visits well into January! Anyway, I need more rigging from CMB and then we might even move this discussion into the correct build log....! 😬
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