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  1. As others have.said, this is very sad news. I wish you all the best and hope some treatment or med arrives soon. Your Vulture inspired me to try one; I am dedicating it in your honor. All the best.
  2. Good advice above use your hand tools and current power tool, then decide what hobs you need help. For me sanding neened the most help so I found a mall disc sander/beltsander at a tag sale for $5.00 My local hobby store wanted $65 for the same machine!!)
  3. you could have a little c4 on hand just be sure your wife is well clear. Duff
  4. Dust is a problem for us, especially to those who have become sensitized. For example, my brother became sensitized to mahogany after years of cutting it. If you develop a sensitivity, then you must take extra precautions. Some woods are dangerous to most humans, and require very careful safety precautions. The chemicals, glues and paints we use can cause health problems, too. As others have stated before, use dusk masks, vacuums, and good ventilation. We want you to enjoy this great hobby with us as long as you can. Duff
  5. Hi Jim, your Connie is looking great! I think you're making the right choices and getting good input from this valuable website. Just remember, you are making an illusion, so everything you make must 'look right'. just as you did with the coppering (and confirmed by others). Viewing distance lighting, choice of paint, fidelity to scale, and others all affect outcome. Nice job. Duff
  6. Hey Darvius, she is looking GREAT! Lots of charm and I like the warm lighting. I agree that Doris is incredibly talented. You mentioned a desire to add people. Find a copy of Justin F. Camarata's book Waterline Dioramas ISBN 9780982057926, Seawatch Books. Chapter 7 explains in detail how he makes his figures in any scale with wire armatures and gesso. I recommend it highly. Duff
  7. Thank you. Words are inadequate. You inspire me and all of us to reach for the heavens. I have your first two volumes and anxiously await the third. Duff
  8. Jean Boudriot's magnus opus The 74 Gun Ship, age 95 Vol 3 outlines the tarring of rope. Bob and Mike have it right. USS Frolick has it right: The net on the anchor is to prevent the fore course from snagging on the fluke when the course is hauled inboard, and the stunsil when deployed. Duff
  9. Hi Mark, Napier also devised a way of spooling the thread. It is a square board with a nail in each of the four corners around which he wrapped his thread. It allowed him to immerse the thread in a pan of hot solution so the dye could reach all of the thread. Duff
  10. Hi Mark, fantastic work, very inspiring. For rope dyeing, you might consider getting a copy of "Valkenisse" by Rob Napier. On pages 156 to 158, he reports good results with Pro Chemical & Dye in Somerset, MA. He also outlined his method. BTW, his book is book is a treasure drove of tips and information. This is one of my 'go to' books. Duff
  11. Best wishes as you and Kathy rebuild your lives. My wife and I lost our home 5-17-2018 so we know how devastating that is. Hang in. Duff

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