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  1. I received my Duchess of Kingston kit a couple of weeks ago and since then I have been building it with help from Glenn Shelton's excellent and very detailed build log in conjunction with the fantastic manual that came with the kit. I am currently at the stage of just completing the second planking. I am afraid that I have spent most of the time actually building the model and didn't think to take many photographs during the build. However, here are a few taken after completion of the first planking. The only issues that I had with this section of the build
  2. Since receiving my DOK kit last Monday I have been following your log with great interest. I am sure that it has prevented me from falling into some of the issues that you have encountered - particularly as I have an additional 16 years worth of excuses for having my own "senior moment "or two! My build has been going quite well and I am now at the point were I am about to start the second planking - though I have had a coupe of issues: 1) Inevitably I managed to break a couple of the temporary cross beams whilst handing the model during the first planki
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