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  1. The best part of the coppering is sitting back when you're finally finished, looking at the beautifully coppered hull and saying "I did that!". It's slow, tedious work but well worth it in the end. Keep on keeping on! Patrick
  2. Sjors my friend! So glad to see you here! I was away from my Victory for about four years but have just returned to it with a vengeance lately. I've looked at your Aggie and she's fantastic! Well done! Now looking at this latest build of yours. Very, very good as always. I've missed you and your constant encouragement! Hope you feel better and will be back at the work bench soon! Patrick
  3. Away for the weekend and surgery on Monday, so she's back into mothballs again. Hopefully not for too long and I promise it won't be 4 years this time! Patrick
  4. I got all the waist ladders in and rigged. Pretty pleased, although some touch up and finishing to do. I'm happy and feel like I'm closing in on finishing the quarter deck. Poop ladder hand rails still to finish but I have the wooden hand rails already done so it's just a question of installation.
  5. Oh there's dust David! We're just four years older and our eyesight isn't as good! Just found your Diana log and will be following closely. Best, Patrick
  6. Hi Mark, I've got the canned air spray and it works. Trouble is that after sitting in mothballs for a few years some of that dust takes some shifting! I use a medium soft paint brush to stir up the ingrained dust and then blow it away! Patrick
  7. Hello David! So glad I found your build log for HMS Diana. I've been away so long and I've missed so much. I've always had the idea in my head that I'd like to build Diana at some point (maybe after I finish my Victory in about 20 or 30 years!). I'm looking forward to following your progress and expect that, as always, I will learn much from you. As for taking a couple of years off...it's very much underrated but I'm glad that both of us are now back in the shipyard! Cheers, Patrick
  8. Some progress today. Got the forward waist ladders in place, along with waist stanchions and hand ropes. The hand ropes will be tightened up once connected to the aft waist ladders. Close up pictures really show the need for a good dusting and paint touch-up!! Patrick
  9. Not so at all Jerry! Anyone who has completed this huge and complex build has my utmost respect and admiration! Patrick
  10. Thanks Mark, The wood, stairs, and balusters are supplied with the kit. You have to build the stairs from the parts supplied. The railings and hand rails are made from 1.5 mm x 1.5 mm walnut that you need to reduce to 1 mm x 1 mm. The balusters are (I think) 16mm that you need to reduce to 14.75 mm and square the rounded edges. So basically you have to build the companionway yourself from the wood and balusters supplied in the kit. I finished it with walnut stain and a coat of clear satin varnish. A digital caliper is invaluable for measuring and cutting the railings. My companionway is not the best I've seen but after several attempts at it I'm pleased with the result. Patrick
  11. Robert, I just came across your build log now that I have finally returned to my own Caldercraft Victory after a 3-year+ hiatus. Your work is very, very impressive and I will keep following your build with interest. You are one of those builders who makes one wish to go back and start all over again! Very well done! Patrick
  12. Hello Bob, I just came across this build. Very nice work and your attention to detail is impressive. I will look forward to seeing your progress. Best of luck! Patrick
  13. I certainly did, my friend! Gil's, Shipyard Sid's, and yours are my go-to logs when I need answers! (There are some others too!) Patrick
  14. Well I did it! I finally vanquished the dragon and am now the proud owner of a completed (and sturdy) main companionway. Put it together, took it apart, put it together again a few times until I'm finally happy with it! Will try to get the waist ladders and stanchions in before surgery! For those yet to build the main companionway I'd strongly advise you to build the entire thing off the ship and then install it as a unit as others have done...it'd be a whole lot easier!
  15. Congratulations Kevin! It's been a pleasure to have been alongside you as you've worked on this wonderful build. I feel like I've gone through several home renovations with you too! Just today I was looking for something quite specific on the build and browsed through your entire log again looking for it. Didn't get any work done on my Victory, but enjoyed a lovely couple of hours looking at yours! Patrick

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