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  1. That gap is the smallest issue here, i have enough strip-wood to fill that, i will try tomorrow to remove the upper counter-Inner and reposition it
  2. no, i'm clear about step 220, what i am not clear about if the Fascia position is correct in step 313 or in step 202 (level with bulwarks as in step 202 or higher as in step 313)
  3. Ok, ok, little panic, some cursing and the glue gave way. I positioned the Fascia as in Step 313: Ok, so this would be the proper way ? But then, the connecting rod of the trandom timbers is visible through the windows (te gap between the counters i can cover with something, no problem, but that connecting rod irritates me here a bit - because it would mean the top of the windows is flush with upper deck level, possibly even higher)
  4. wait a sec, lower counter was until the 1st nicks in the stern timbers, upper counter covered the 2nd nick after fitting the counters it looks exactly as in step 197 my upper counter and upper inner fascia are on CA i dont understand how extending the lower counter should help at this stage
  5. awww crap, i used CA to glue the Stern Fascia......... also, i already glued one gallery before noticing that. I'm used to follow instructions step by step, and the note about the 2-3mm is on the next page 😕
  6. Looking at the Trinc tho (i know she is a later ship) the coppering goes very high, in case of the Sphinx if you go that high, it would cover all of the 2nd Planking:
  7. That's the other thing i am thinking about, but coppering wouldnt cover up to the stern counter (or would it ?)
  8. She's looking what misfit she can do, forgot already the scare she got when she fell with the box... Ye, the black wale really adds to the model, this is the port non-display side, moving on to the other but i am already considering if i wouldnt want to paint the whole area below the wales white (there are some places especially at the stern which i dont really like and would prefer to cover them up)
  9. Witaj Adam, i am from Krakow but i moved to Germany a few years ago
  10. The Moment she starts burning stuff, I'll burn her own fur, That should keep her from ideas
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