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  1. Looking good Kevin! I have the same books, nice little bits of info there. One of the Crab Scrape Bateau in the skiff book I'm planning on a future scratch build. One question, How did you determine the slope / cant of the deck? Thanks, Pat
  2. I'm very sorry to hear that. It's a great piece of info, I appreciate his work. It has helped me understand adjusting my plans for a future scratch build. Would it be worth updating the document with current photos? The majority of the instructions are still valid. Thanks, Pat
  3. I found the tutorial on the remnants of the old MSW by using the Wayback Machine http://archive.org/web/ It does not have the original photos that accompanied it, but the text is all there. The document is called Digitizing and scaling plans in Photoshop by a member that went by the handle of Cut-Throat Jake. I tried to search the members list for this name but didn't have any luck. Thanks!
  4. Thanks Alex and Joe. I'll keep my fingers crossed, someone should have it in their collection. Thanks, again! Pat
  5. No, the document I a referring to was primarily dealing with scaling in photoshop for printing. Thanks for the suggestion. Pat
  6. Back in the days of MSW, there was an article written about scaling plans for printing using PhotoShop or any other image editing program. Would anyone still have a copy? Thanks, Pat
  7. Here's where I am so far. I've brushed on a couple of primer coats of flat white acrylic, I still need to do some more sanding and a couple of spots to fill then I will be ready to spray. Anyone have any ideas on giving a slight sheen to the flat white. I don't want to go all out gloss because it would look out of scale, but just enough gloss to look like the old Valspar paint. I wanted to bash the kit a little, so I added a small bowsprit,and changed the rudder to a more traditional looking one. The instructions indicated that it was not uncommon to spike a short bowsprit in order to add a larger jib. I have the mast sanded, boom, and gaff done also. I'm working on rebuilding the companion way cover and hatch boards. Steve, I have found the quality to be pretty good. I think taking my time and not rushing has made all the difference. Thanks everyone for the kind words, It's moving forward slowly but surely. Pat
  8. I started this build log a little more than a year ago; unfortunately it was lost in the great crash. I wasn’t too far along when life intervened to take up my time on this little boat. I’ll post the older photos and then move along from there. More photos in the next couple of days. Thanks for looking!
  9. I came across this link for Bargain boxes of Sandpaper while on one of my Antique Tractor forums. They were using this to true up a cylinder head, they were impressed with the quality. I thought it might be of interest over here. I might pick up a box the prices look very reasonable. http://www.woodworkingshop.com/category.aspx?id=25&f1=BARGAIN+BOXES No financial interest or affiliations just passing along a good link. Thanks, Pat I hope I put this under the correct topic, if not please move it. Thanks!
  10. Hey Kevin, I have a Wye River kit waiting my attention, their Round Stern workboat. My wife gave it to me for Christmas last year. It arrived in a plain brown box with all the wood just tossed in, not very secure, I think all the wood is there, (I haven't checked it yet) all the small bits thankfully were in plastic bags. The Plans are copies of hand drawn plans and are very simple. Not much extra detail given. The instruction booklet is also very simple not very hard to follow, even for a novice like myself, but it could use better detailed photos. I don't think the kit is bad just disappointed with it's presentation and delivery. Check out this link, from The Model Boatyard it was from Wye River kit, made a nice little boat. http://www.modelboatyard.com/crab_scrape1.html BTW I grew up in Norfolk, used to race out of the Hampton Yacht club on a J-36 back in the day. My dad showed me the remains of the Schooner Atlantic when I was a kid before they renovated the river front. Pat
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