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  1. hello Rob S rigging is something very amusing to work with except the rat line are very difficult and boring especially in HMS victory cause i believe you need to make like 12 rat line but when i made my Toulounaise i enjoyed the rigging and believe me it will give a very nice ship with rigging i think you will change your mind later good luck and i will try to start my build again
  2. Hello Rob S Merry Christmas and happy new year very nice build i like your work, You are making great progress and really fast in approximately 1 year you did what i did in 10 year :)))
  3. Hello spider999 Merry Christmas and happy new year hope this year be better than all the pasts years :) your build looks very nice i love planking, hope you did the cooper plats , i didn't use the cooper strip as every body did because in my country there is no modelling stores so i made a cooper plates same size and thickness of the green plates coming with the kit " by the way really it was bad idea because of the hardness to deal with that size of cooper " but at the end it looks nice . i'm happy because we are almost on the same stage and this will motivate us to work constantly i believe. hope you and your loved ones safe
  4. i was thinking like you do now but when i paint one side i decide to paint the other enjoy planking the green plates i believe it will end up just great
  5. Hello spider999 i didn't use the green plate which come with the kit and it was bad idea cause i used a very hard cooper to deal with and it took me lot of time to finish
  6. good morning mat been a while since i visit the forum or been in my work place living in Damascus nowadays is little hard after the war and all the economics problem we are facing and now with corona i transfer my work shop to be inside my home so i should be starting progress from now on hopefully thanks all for your visit to my work and your opinion on my build YT it seems we are in the same stage as we both working on the Bow, i find it difficult to bend the strip following the Mamoli instructor but when i sow your amazing work you gave me the idea of how to do it and i will try it tonight hope i will doing well with my build beside 2 kids and a wife staying at home now good luck for you all and please stay safe
  7. very nice i like the work soon we will be in same stage good luck in your house work and enjoy summer my friend
  8. Congratulations Vince, it looks amazing i love euromodel kits and you made it Fabulous great job
  9. i'm confusing if i should varnish my ship now and then start working on deck or wait till i finish everything and varnish the ship later i'm using this Varnish as i paint my ship with acrylic my concern is if i varnish the ship i might not be able to glue any more things on the ship i will test it but i need your help any help with this ??
  10. great work and a fast progress i believe i will learn a lot from your work thanks for sharing us your working
  11. Hello Spider your progress are great so far the hull looks great and sure when you finish the small green piece it will be beautiful hope to see more from your progress soon
  12. restart working , it's been almost a year since i worked with my victory i will post some new progress soon
  13. Great work Rob i'm doing same kit, i did the mistake of going with Mamoli structure and installed the other 2 deck as i was exiting to see how it will looks like and i didn't plank all the main deck :(, good for you you get alert with it, note that on your building you will find many mistake in Mamoli plans and instruction Good luck and hope you enjoy your time building this amazing model
  14. It will be great pleasure to meet you here in Damascus CDW last Sunday we had a memorial prayer for my uncle and we made it as family in Hanania church Really if you ever visit Damascus just give me a message i will be more than happy thanks for the pic I feel proud
  15. actually i don't have a full history for my car but as a start there is 2 story for that car on how it ends up in Syria 1- it was for our prime minister Khaled Baik El Azem https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khalid_al-Azm and then it was sold by government auction, i met in the street many people tells me that there parent were having this car but i didn't believe them, my father bought the car on 1983-84 , he was going to sell it to someone very important in Syria that time when i was a kid but i insist to see him and when i sow him i start crying say i love this car and i don't want it to be sold so it stays i start driving it on 1997 was my first car and hope i will drive it again soon story 2 the car was Kuwait licence end enter to Syria and there was a diamond smuggling inside the bench seat so the Customs reserve the car and sold on auction so i don't know which one is the right story as for me i loved this car from the first time i sow it ( i was like 5 years old ) my father gave it to me when i reach 18 i drive it till 2009 then i park it and start planing and saving money for restoration i collect many original parts from eBay for restoration and hopefully when it finish it will be fully original and all the feature of the car will be working if any one have visited Damascus from 84 till 2011 he must see it because its parked in old Damascus under the eastern gate near Hanania Church ( first church in the world ) my family where having like 6 cadillacs and i manage to park them all together so if any body been there sure he will see them https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_naeUFPA27Mak5xTGZZMkoyaWc this is a link of most restoration process during the past 8 years because of the war i had to remove the car from where originally start to restored to my back yard and bring the experts guys to work there when i got married i told my wife that you are my second wife and my Eldorado is my first thank you all
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