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  1. Thank you guys. Just finished the bowsprit stem standing rigging as well as other stems, so I thought it would be nice to make a couple of photos of the whole ship.
  2. First two pieces of masts almosft finished and dry-fitted. Below you can see the completed set of deadeyes.
  3. Thanks Doug. Today I made two brake pumps, a bit too big at first, so I had to scale them down.
  4. Thanks bug, here's another update. I've finished the gun ports, rails, boomkins are roughly done and she finally got her name at the stern. Sadly, cyano made the mirror windows hazy, but on the other hand, I can pretend that my Fly is cruising the northern seas.
  5. That is a good idea, steel would be even more durable, but that would mean silver soldering which is still something that eludes me. Perhaps next time on a different model. Thanks guys.
  6. Yep, that would be far better. Now for the forecastle railings. Stanchions are made of 1mm brass wire grinded to about .6mm and brass tube. Unfortunately, I did not find any thinner.
  7. Thanks guys. SpyGlass: the wales are painted (dull black) and varnished. Plain parts are just varnished with Lord Nelson semi-matt. More and more I realise that for the next model I will need to buy proper wood of the same colour. Combination of tanganyika and differently toned walnut looks weird unpainted. I've finally added the second pair of seats of ease as well as boards to give the crew some privacy. Again, Dan's suberb Vulture was the model.
  8. Thanks B.E. I'm watching your progress in creating cable stoppers, that will help me a lot, so thanks for that in advance
  9. A few more details... especially quarter rails. The fore ends are carved from a single piece of walnut and bent with soldering iron.
  10. Ms. Fly just got new stairs (entry stairs will be fitted later), fish plate and also starboard decorations, yippee
  11. And today I've also made a small lamp on an easily bendable gooseneck to enlighten small details. Does the job at least.
  12. Gangway posts and railings. The kit again provides only basic parts made of plywood, so it was an easy choice - walnut and carving.
  13. Thanks guys, good to see you as well. Hope you'll find a way back to your Swans soon. A small update. I did not want to alter the chain pumps, but simple bent 1mm wire handles looked just ridiculous, so I grabbed my solder torch and made these. Finally I blackended the parts.
  14. Sorry folk for the delay, I was in no mood to continue building, but finaly the tide broke, so afer a few more hours this is the state of the main deck. Gun rigging in progress.
  15. Thanks, they are not on plans. I was inspired by Dan's Vulture. Now, I was not completely satisfied with the supplied blocks, so I've decided to create a small sanding jig. It is most useful attached to a high-speed grinder. The result (original and sanded blocks): And finally the almost finished forecastle with funnel made of wood and its pot or flap or whatever it is called is made of metal.

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