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    At a young age, i built many Revell plastic models.
    Now I venture to the wooden models.

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  1. Hi Derek, the Albatros is a good choice für a start with wooden boats. Good luck and Volker
  2. Hello Sjors, thanks for the tip! I make the deck planking from one piece and share it later with a scalpel. I paint the edges completely with a pencil, but the weak point is the incomplete partition. -because of the scalpel. If I spend too much working here with sandpaper, my pencil is gone. ....and the pencil is more grey than black With the deck planking I'm already too far to change something but with the hull planking I'll try it. Thank you! Volker
  3. In the beginning was the keel................... I think the beginning always makes the most fun. I make the planks with a pencil darker. The deck planks are in one piece but i interrupt them later with some pressure from a scalpel. If I have painted the soft planks with clear coat, they become harder. Then I can cut them better with a small pliers. Have a nice weekend! Volker
  4. Thank you both and best regards to Schiedam. Next summer I'ii be in Edam/Volendam. I'll try again to sail. I'm looking forward. Volker
  5. Hello to my second wooden ship, i opted for the "San Martin 1580" by Occre. The ship My "Albatross 1840" was a modern sailing ship. In contrast, the "San Martin 1580" is a very archaic sailing vessel. It is an early form of a Galoene but also has similarity to the large carracks of former times. A short Galeon, very high side walls, only 2 square sails on the main mast and very high castles at the bow and stern are reminiscent of older ships. The bulbous shape is a nice contrast to modern ships. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Martin_(1580) The kit I bought the kit for 140, - € by Mail Order. For this price, the kit is well equipped and clearly arranged. The manual is designed color and multilingual. The instructions ares good and also suitable for novice modellers but the instructions for the Albatros (Constructo) was a bit more detailed . (but only a little) I am very grateful for tip's and help. Greetings Volker
  6. This is a very nice model and a very impressive work . The most beautiful ships were precisely the P-Liners. Volker
  7. I had cut my Albatros planks, then soaked and clamped them wet on the hull. After drying on the hull I have checked the form and reworked if necessary, then glued. Sometimes I have to cut the planks as they were on the hull. It works not to bad.
  8. Hello, thanks for the nice comments. My new project *** San Martin - 1588 *** came by post and I can start now a new build log. It's a completely different type of ship and a completely different century but I am really looking forward to it. Thanks and greetings! Volker New build log San Martin http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/4409-san-martin-1580-by-volkerbo-occre-scale-190/
  9. Hello Natan, this is a good start. I have a tip to the gaps between the planks. I made sawdust from the wood of the planks. I diluted white wood glue with water and mixed it with the sawdust. The result was a filler that covered the gaps invisible. This is a bit like cheating - but works well. Good luck Volker
  10. Hi Jack, thank you for your words but i must admit that my wife sewed the sails. But i have sewn the bolt ropes to the sail myself and made the clews. There are also many models in which have ready sails. My project took 3 winters but i learned a lot in that time. The way is the goal..... :-) Greetings Volker
  11. Thank you Anja, i was very slow but also turtles reach their destination. Now i long for the next ship :-) Best regards to the netherlands !! Volker
  12. Hello to all, the final works on my first wooden ship are done. Each of you knows, how proud you are when you have done the job. I know it is a small ship but I feel like a king. I have taken some photos of the finished state, which I set in the gallery. I thank everyone for the good tip's, the encouraging words and the nice inclusion in the forum. Until next project! Volker

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