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  1. Thank you all who have taken the trouble to put me straight. Frankie I will invest in the book, thank you. Regarding your comment about the two yards, the bottom one is actually fixed, the "free" end terminating at an eyelet just astern of the mainmast shrouds. This does not seem correct to me and I will await the book you recommended before deciding how and where to belay the various anomalies. Dave and Popeye, what you have said exactly confirms my original suspicions and I'm glad my instincts were correct. thankyou all for putting me straight👍👍 a picture below to show h
  2. Hi Frankie and popeye, thanks for replying. frankie, picture of the plans is below. The rigging I am referring to is the one at the forward end of the yard (marked P11 on the drawing) and the similar one at the aft end. The detail drawing of this shows the line ending at an eyelet on the gunnels with a whipping holding the rope in a permanent position. Popeye, these are the rigging I was referring to as bracers. Both fore and aft there are two (one secured each side). Regarding the sail, I have sail plans for RC and they show a sail set on the mast and the aft part of the yard, like
  3. Hi all I'm 4 years into my second wooden ship, Royal Caroline and still haven't stepped the masts! I am, however looking forward and have just started studying Panarts rigging sheet. Whilst I have very limited knowledge of how historic ships were sailed, I have experience with sailing both modern sloops and gaffers, and whilst I am not too worried about the historical accuracy of the ship to the nth degree, I do not wish to build a model which I do not believe could be sailable. .....and so to my question. On the angled yard on the mizzen (I regret that I forget the proper name,
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