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  1. Yes, the tape is self sticking with a waxed paper backing. As for the plating, there was two was it was done. One was to start at the keel and lay the above panel overlapping the one below. The other method was to lay every other row of plating (1-3-5-7), then go back and lay the other rows (2-4-6) overlapping both the row below and above. According to the plans the Mariefred was plated by the second method. Bob
  2. Thanks Patrick, it was a fun learning experience. So I guess I'm not too old to learn yet. Bob
  3. Thanks for the "fix". After almost a week with no updates I was getting anxious. Great detail work. Bob
  4. Ah, Lawrence, I wish I could take credit for the plating but I am only doing what I see Nils doing oh his "SS Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse". Bob
  5. Thanks Nils, Yves and Keith, I referred to the aluminum as foil. Really it is an Aluminum tape used to tape the duct work in heating systems. Sorry about that. Bob
  6. Hi All, I have to move away from research for a while to build a little more. Or I will know everything there is to know about the Mariefred and never build her. The Mariefred is a very early (1903) steel boat. So like Nils (Mirabell61), I had to plate her, rivets and all. Maybe I shouldn’t say so but it was a lot easier that I thought it would be. The main problem is finding the right foil for the job. Most of what I found at the hardware store was too thin and doesn’t look right. There were four or five brands where us non-professionals find what we want. But walking down to the
  7. Looks like a good start. There are not many who design the boat and then build it. Bob
  8. I use Draft Sight. I believe it is an old version of Auto Cad. A free copy is available at https://www.solidsolutions.co.uk/solidworks/free-tools/2d-cad-draftsight.aspx Solid Works Puts it out to interest people in drafting. At least that is what I've been told. Bob
  9. Thank you for the info. But that means, the air stream most be very slow or, it would blow away the part you want to solder. Bob
  10. Thanks, Matle. Those are the best pictures so far, but it's still hard to know exactly what is there. Is that a flower in the middle and a straight line to either side of it? Bob
  11. That drill press is beautiful, plus it works. Well done. Bob
  12. Thanks to all of you. The curved portion is frequently referred to as an eyebrow. But under the eyebrow there is some sort of carving. That's what I'm looking for. Bob
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