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  1. I have had good luck using regular drill gauges. On the front sides the hole edges are rounded but from the back side they are sharp edged. I find bamboo cocktail sticks a good source for drawing. Just split them down to approximate size and start drawing at large holes (they will eventually round out) progressing to smaller sizes. Bill
  2. I built this in 1954 soon after getting discharged from the Navy. This was my first attempt at ship modeling. the ship was rigged before installing into the bottle then once set in the clay the masts and sails were raised by using the rigging. I built a special tool for reaching inside the bottle from scrap. It is a little bit ugly but did the job. Bill
  3. He is happy to see me finishing it. Today is his 61st birthday but it will not be done in time. Maybe his 62nd. I will be 90 by then if I make it that far.
  4. Although it is still a little rough I have decided to use the old deck. I was able to sand (could not find a Holystone to scale so used sand paper) out many off the dings and nicks with out sanding through the thin deck material. I was able to remove some planks from the area where the cabin will be mounted to patch the large hole that was in the deck; I'm not sure if I want stain it with a light stain. I can experiment a little under the cabin and cargo hatch locations. Bill
  5. Thanks for the feedback. It is more a curiosity for me. It seems to me to be the ticket for producing parts for scratch building of ship models. Bill .
  6. I am wondering if ny one is using a laser cutter in their ship building. Are they compatible with Mac? Dose one also need a computer drawing program? Thanks Bill
  7. Veszett, I have hopes of being able to salvage some the decking that would be removed when I install the cabin. There are couple of spots where decking is missing or there are some very deep marks that appear to be from clamps and too deep sand out. The decking material is only about 1mm thick. Thank you for your feedback. Bill
  8. I finally have the bulwarks done.I bulked up the transom by planking in it inside. I was hoping I could save the deck but its is too scarred up from years of knocking around. So a new deck is also on my punch list. Bill
  9. Thanks Keith, Do you know if they ship/mail to USA? The only contact fo them seems to be via phone. Bill
  10. The plastic ships wheel in my Marie Celeste kit is too damaged to save. I need a source for a new one, 1/2" diameter; all of the sources I have checked so far are too large. I may have to resort to making one from scratch. Bill
  11. The metalwork is an important part of this model but much is hidden behind the wheels. My Gorbet jewelry saw (one of my favorite tools) got a lot of use on this model. The saw frames I purchased through Reo Grande Jewelry supply. (No affiliation except as a customer). I use very fine blades for this thin metal. The hooks and rings are formed from black iron utility wire. The end cap son the shafts are formed from .010 tin. This brings this model build to an end. If there are any questions or comments I would be more than happy to hear them. Bill
  12. Finishing out the top. For the fabric I used a patch from an old BBQ grill cover. To make the outer bows I laminated strips of veneer in a special former. I used carpenter's glue for gluing up as it gave me time to adjust the veneer in the former. \\\
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